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From: "Garnet Nicholson"     Subject:  old superstocker
There is no motor in the car we are working on that now. This is what the old BANKRUPT
former C/SM car looks like now - see you on the streets of Halifax soon.
June 14 - From our inbox: Meet the Drag Racing students of Stanley High Racing
Our club was started in the mid nineties and has participated in The High School Challenge each year since. The first years we raced at Maitland, McKewans and Pennfield, and now travel to Miramichi Dragway each year. They host an excellent event for the schools. Competition is stiff. Donnie Lavois makes shirts for the participants. Too bad about his accident . He was making a run on our race day.
We have three cars, a 1998 Sunfire , a 1985 Capri and a 1999 Ford F150. The Capri was built our of an old junker by the students during shop class and a lot of after school and weekend time as well. It has a 351W and runs right on our class break at 14.00. Thats with leaving the line  at 1,500 and short shifting.
Our truck was donated by U.N.B. brand new and had no drive train or electronics when we got it. We put a 460 from our neighbours old Lincoln in it and it turned out really nice . It runs low 15s.
We have a 1968 Nova in the works for next year. Just a shell at this point. We have already started collecting parts.
Our club consists of 10 to 12 boys and girls (usually about half and half)from grades 10, 11, and 12. They elect an executive each year and I am their teacher Advisor. We have two adult driving coaches besides myself and a heavy parental involvement.
We do fund raising, framed certificates for sponsors, brochures, video presentations and other promotional material. Students do almost all of this. It a big undertaking, but it provides the kids with a positive,safe activity and a chance to belong to a club. Our truck won the High School  Championship in 2002 and 2003. Our car won in 2004.We didn't win this year but had a good showing, taking home low ET, best prepared vehicle, and top burnout. The truck won an award at the last car show at Harbour Station in Saint John. We go to local parades as well and are always looking for something new and fun to try.
Sometimes we sell tickets at these events to raise money. Stanley is a small community with limited resources but people here have been generous with their support for our club.We do, however, operate on a shoestring and make anything we can from recycled parts. Our fuel cell and battery are supported by parts from old discarded school desks and chairs. Our roll cage is from old vollyball standards. The rear firewall is from locker bases and boot racks from the elementry school next door. Students did the work and you wouldn't know unless someone told you. It looks sharp.
We have many sponsors, but Norco Transmission and Auto Value/ Eastern Automotive ,both from Fredericton are the biggest ones.
Thanks for the interest. I was just going to send a short note, but I love
to talk about the club. It keeps me young and motivates me to go to work every day. I have the best group of kids that you could possibly ask for.
Tom Cameron
From our inbox:**** Here's a shot of the New, New Don Lavoie 1964 Econoline 1/2 Ton. If your are having a block party and need a WHEEL STANDER Call  Mr. Inbetween  1-506 -859-7989 ****Attention Dragracers and Fans, I have by good authority, news of our  first owned and operated  by a Maritimer WHEEL STANDER.1963 FORD Van 1/2 ton. Our very own Bud Man Don Lavoie is  on his way back from Ottawa with a Wheel Stander, he got
it in Ottawa and plans wheelies at MOE' S AUTO WORK'S in Moncton.
Jan 22 2005: This photo has been moved from our What's New page.
From our inbox -  Here are a few shots from Epping. Although most of us were "underwhelming" in our efforts, John Rankin, Greg Nickerson & Todd Myers did a great job, each going a bunch of rounds. Also, John Armstrong really laid one down on one of his qualifying runs, an 8.92 second blast. Real pretty car as well. All in all, a really good weekend of racing, & Mother Nature finally stopped messing with IHRA's schedule (at least for most of the weekend)
Berny Corscadden
From our inbox -  I was ferrying a motorhome from Florida to B.C., so I had to drive right by Bowling Green. Couldn't stay the weekend (schedule & a LOT of miles, but I walked the pits & took some shots of some beautiful as well as historic old cars.
Take a look at the blown flathead (!!) roadster, & my all-time favorite car, the twin engine "Freight Train" gas dragster. Even got to meet it's original driver, Goob Tuller, & was invited to have supper(??) with him and his crew. I guess that timing is everything.
Hope that these are of some interest, & we'll see you at the next event!
Berny Corscadden
From our inbox - Tom Forsyth's 1970 429 / 4 speed Mustang (below and left)
ADRA 2005 Points Series Information
Only current/paid members of the ADRA will be eligible to collect points and qualify for ADRA payouts and awards. You must be a current member prior to the start of the eliminations to qualify for points and awards for that race.
Super Pro, Pro, and Bike/Sled classes will be eligible for contingency payouts and the Street class will receive ADRA trophies. There will also be year-end awards based on the final points standings in each respective class. The contingency monies at each ADRA points race will be paid as follows: 1st Place $75.00, 2nd Place $50.00, 3rd Place $25.00. Contingency monies and trophies will only be presented to current ADRA members who have finished in one of the top three positions in their class during an ADRA points event.
The points will be accumulated based on the number of rounds won that each member has completed during the series. In an effort to encourage participation at all tracks, points will be counted using the best 5 results thru the series, if the racer has competed at any 3 of the 5 participating racetracks at least once. Participation at only 2 or less tracks will mean counting points using only their best 4 results.
Points will be awarded as follows: 20 points for attendance at an ADRA race, 10 points per round won during class eliminations and 11 points for a class winner.
Series year-end awards will also be awarded at the AGM based on the final results of the points standings.
*RAINOUTS will NOT be rescheduled. 20 points will be awarded to all paid members who are registered for the “rained out” event.
These events have been successful over the past three years. With the help of the sponsors, tracks and racers we will continue to grow over the next few years.
Membership Forms are available by clicking HERE , at both tracks and from all executive. Membership Fee is $20.00. Please email us if you have any questions!

Hi, i was just wondering if anyone on the site would be able to help me find my dads old car. i have attached pictures of it circa 1987. its a '67 RS/SS Camaro, deluxe interior, M-21 4-speed, 10 bolt posi rear, and has a mildly built small block, around 375 HP. My dad built the car from the ground up around 1984 or 85, an did  all the work himself in my grandmothers single  
car garage. if you look closely, the trunk lid is slighty smaller than the factory would havebeen, as it required clearancing for fit. as far as i know, it should still be in cape breton, as it was sold to a guy there some years ago. i have a few friends that are from cape breton an they say they have seen it. i was just wondering if it had shown up anywheres, or if it was for sale. i just hope its still together and in good order, it would kill my dad to see it any other way. anyways, thanks alot for the help, and you have a great site goin. if anyone knows anything about it, contact Kurt Urban at
From our mailbox another request for information on a "lost" racecar.
If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of this 1970 Road Runner
originally built by Dan MacLeod from Cape Breton please email Chris Altass -
June 4 - from our inbox - Darrell LeBlanc photos
From our inbox - PEI May Run photos from Ryan Arsenault
November  26
Here is a pic I recieved from Paul MacKenzie of the Racing Against Drugs Junior drag racing program here on PEI. This particular day I was talking to Paul and my 3 year old son Justin decided he wanted to try out one of the junior cars, I think he looks kinda natural in it,(GRIN).
Owner Shawn Lewis Ford Ranger 355 cid Chev.
Member of SouthEast Performance car club in Moncton,New Brunswick..
Jason Turnbull photo - Cape Breton Dragway
Darren Buchanan wrote:Thought you might like a picture of Blair Buchanan's 1990 Dodge Daytona it debuted this year and there is not a lot of pictures in fact only one in the Mopar section. I would like to see the new cars that debuted through out the Maritimes this year instead of seeing the same old cars week in and week out. Also there is not a Chevy section for all the non Camaro's that raced this year, why? Keep up the good work! PS GREAT SHOT JASON TURNBULL,GREAT SHOT INDEED.
Thanks - Darren Buchanan
Anyhow the picture was taken but Justin didn't want to get out - It took a couple of candy to convince him that he wasn't old enough to race just yet and the promise that when he was bigger he would get his chance, so look out world here he comes!!  Cheers
Darren Boutilier
Update on one of our  "Nostalgia" page cars
Here is one of the cars you show on your site. This car has been sitting in the garage since 1984. We hope to get it back out on the street in the next couple of years. The car is owned by Garnet Nicholson
October 11 - I used to race this car until 1981, had some problems with my daughter (medical) and had to sell it,  It went to Herring Cove and I can't find anyone who knows where it got to from there. I would like to find out what,where or if it is still alive. Was built as a SS car and ran SS/O at Oysterbed, if anyone has any
info I would sure like to know,Thanks.
Faber Mackie 902-755-1819
Here is a pic from PEI last year on my 99 zrx1100.Looking forward
to racing in Cape Breton in July at round 3 of the ADRA season,on
my new 02 ZRX1200.     Thanks Shawn
 "1987 FZR 1000 Only modifications are: Supertrapp header, jet kit, K&N filter kit Last year was running low 11"s. Hope to get it into the 10"s this year Would like to see a purely street class for bikes some time . Maybe with the growing numbers, it may be possible some time.
See you out there!! - Jason Williams
From Anne - Howdy, I was visiting there from Texas back in June and took this pic at Queens County Raceway. That is Michael Whynot and
Greg Mitton, with Mike's car.
From Darren Boutilier Oct 1 - Jeff Rhodenizer's Dodge A-100Jeff was the announcer at Raceway Park for many years and a regular contributor to our message board and a big help with computer advice when we need it.
 I am not positive about the bike he is riding in this picture what i do know is that it is not his regular drag bike, he is trying to fix some gremlins that he has in his usual drag bike, this is one of the bikes he has for sale at his shop that he used for the weekend to race with, hopefully he will have his regular bike ready for the last points meet of the season, Take care and ride safe! From Monica , Charlottetown , P.E.I.
Mike McDonald , of Charlottetown, P.E.I.,is the owner of the motorcycle shop:M&M CYCLE SUPPLY , he usually sponsors the ADRA, and has been a member of the ADRA for over 5 years now, owning a motorcycle shop has allowed him to be able to race a wide variety of different Bikes, but he is presently shopping for a new bike, something a LOT faster!!!So you will see him tearing up the track for many years to come and when he does a burn out,boy does he put on a smoke show!!!!!!
Thanks to Jeff MacDonald for identifying the photo above: Jeff MacDonald in the
left lane on a Gord's 2002 ski-doo REV800 and Donnie Cosnick in the right lane on a Gord's 2001 ski-doo Renegade700.  
Bruce Courtney's 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa 1300
9.91 141 mph with no wheelie bar, no slick
Photos from behind the scenes
Here is a pic for your peoples page.....Don Lavoie with all his friends after
losing in the first round @ P.E.I........hahahha!! Hope you can find a place for this .......Ray "Lucky Pierre" Bourque
Kandy cooking hot dogs at Raceway Park PEI

Kevin shows how it's done at Cape Breton Dragway George White photo
Thought this might make a good picture for your "behind the scenes" page...This is how you make two 2.5L out of a 5L Ford.... :)  First add 500hp then add a 200  shot of NOS !!
This mishap happened to a famous green 5L here at Raceway Park a couple of weekends ago..  Thanks -- Charles "Chick" Coughlin
Cape Breton Dragway Track Crew George White photo
Raceway Park PEI Staff
 Darryl Gallagher photo