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I finally got my 1979 Malibu Station Wagon into the 11's this year at the August race in Sydney with a best of 11.64 .I'd like thank my father/mentor Reg Conrad.I would also like to thank A&J Automotive and R&D Performance
Brad Conrad
I finally got into the 11's at the August ARDA meet in Sydney. I ran a best of 11.94 @ 112.4 mph. Thanks to James Lyons (Engine) and a big thank you to J.D. Muggah (Transmission, Rearend & lots of advice).
Kevin MacNeil, Pro #366,
1979 Camaro
Our car finally dipped into the 10's.  During the July ADRA event at Sydney we managed to get a best of 10.95 @120.75 mph.  I've attached a photo compliments of Racevu.com.
Troy Murray
S/Pro 3
1980 Camaro (Wayne Murray)
Bruce Courtney made a blistering pass at Greenfield on May 27th, lowering his best ET From 9.46 to 9.27 with a 1.42 60 ft.
After moving up from the JR Dragster class, 16-year-old Jill Freeman got suited up in her father's Super/Pro dragster and ran a 7.967 @ 164 MPH. She received Rookie of the Year at Miramichi Dragway Park and also the Rookie of the Year at the ADRA year end banquet.

From our Inbox: This past season Dennis Harrietha set three milestones
 Best ET:  7.46 / Sydney NS
 Best MPH: 180 /Sydney NS
 Best 60' : 1.09/ Sydney NS
Rob Baxter finally broke out of the 12s at Cape Breton Dragway this past season with a run of 11.96@111.11
Bruce Courtney had a great summer!  Seems the changes he made to the bike last winter worked well enough for three new milestones.
1.48 60 ft.
9.46 E.T.
146 MPH         
This past season Dave Anthony had three milestones at three different tracks.

Best ET:  7.171 / Miramichi NB
Best mph: 187.60 / Sydney NS
Best 60: 1.054 Clarenville NL
From our Inbox: At the October Sydney Race I got my car into the 10s running a best of 10.73@120.23 mph. With a little NOS.  I should be there all on motor for the
2007 season.
Gordon Chase
Since the Pro ET break is 11.50 it looks like he will be moving up to S/Pro for 2007 - DP
From our Inbox: Hi Don - just a quick note to let you know that my clone  Yenko on drag radials full exhaust & pump gas went 8.80@155mph at the noonan nationals 2006 in a qualifying run. on a 250 shot of spray. Had a great year met lots of friendly people at all our maritime tracks & at the CFSC
I"ll be back next season for somme more fun if all goes well. Thanks Mike S/P 166
Brian Woodfine Jr Has finally beat THE OL"MAN(using some of his parts) Running a 12.38@110.28Mph. Thank you to anyone who helped me and a special thanks to Brian Woodfine Sr, David Reardon, Len Nicholson and Ralph Keagan

After 2 years of racing  starting in the 15.00000000 range with a SBC 355. lowered  time to a  14.70  best last year. Finally got the old sportside truck down to 13.9 at 97 mph this past  August ADRA event in Sydney. RPM Performer Heads addedd over this past winter as well as some carb tuning and jetting to move the 4160 lb truck into the 13's this year.
60ft 2.0
UPDATE! Best ET / MPH: 12.81 at 105 mph, 1.77- 60 ft at Miramichi Team Race
October 2-3 2010
Robert Burke
New Waterford
From our inbox:
The Aug ADRA points Meet at Cape Breton Dragway produced a milestone for Dennis Harrietha in the form of an 7.57@179.99 mph in his Super/Pro dragster.
From our inbox:
After two disappointing race weekends in Cape Breton and PEI with his bike spending Sunday strapped in the back of his Toyota, Bruce Courtney finally  shook the gremlins out of his 1300 Hayabusa
with a 9.63 pass at 144 mph!
From our inbox: Both of these cars have hit 13.3's at the ADRA event in Cape Breton July 29-31.
The Eagle Belongs to Johnsie Hastie and the Camaro Belongs to David Reardon. This comes
as a congrats for hard work. Keep the good work up guys.
June 27 - From our inbox:
Brian Woodfine has finally well broke past the 13's running a 12.56 at 106.34 Mph and knows there is still more in it yet.

Editor's Note: Note the Street class designation on the windshield. Brian's mid-12 has now placed him in the middle of the Pro class(11.50-13.49)
Jan 18 - from our inbox:
 Just a note for your 9 second club. Todd
Myers hit the nines this past fall in his street driven, pump gas, NON-tubbed, full interior
For more info on this Readers Ride - CLICK HERE
Dec 28 - from our inbox: Welcome Darryl Stewart - newest member of our 9 sec club.
During the late September race at Greenfield my car ran a 9.958 at 132.54 but I only have a picture from an older race .This pic was taken a few years back at Miramichi with one of my good friends the late Terry Mores .Thanks for your time - Darryl Stewart (1969 Beaumont SD with small block and glide).
Oct 7 - from our inbox:
WENT 9.46 @ 139 IN
Daryl H. Bishop - Better Service Insurance LTD.
344 King Street Bridgewater NS B4V 1A9  
(902) 543-0485
Sept 9 - The Aug ADRA points meet at Cape Breton Dragway produced a milestone for Road Rage Performance's Craig MacNeil in the form of an 11.70@117 in the Pro class. In a short time this car has gone from the Street Class(right)
to almost Super/Pro times.
Oct 14 - During our recent trip to PEI for the Oct 11/12 Bracket Bash we found out that Frank Banks got his "Hyper Active Spirit" deep into the 9's (9.80@139.43) with the addition of a small amount of NOS
Sept 28 - From our Inbox
I would just like to add to the milestones that I hit the 14's this year with my CRX. My best was 14.72@91.8 mph. But that all changed at the sept. bracket bash when i ran 13.43@101.57 mph on a little juice. Gary Lahey
donkin.com photo

Sept 23 - From our Inbox
After taking a big tumble in June 2002 , Bruce Courtney rebuilt his Suzuki 1300
Hayabusa to win first place in the bike/sled class during the Sept 13/14 Bracket Bash at Cape Breton Dragway , and dove into the 9:80's with
a personal best 9:87 at 141 mph. Bike is stock wheel base, no bar, no slick. For more information check out
Photo by Editor
Sept 16 - From our Inbox
After two years of trying Shaun Cadden finally got this little `86 Capri into the 12`s in the final weekend for Sydney with the best pass of the weekend at a 12.90 @ 106mph.

Sept 16 - From our Tech Inspection Dept. files
Our newest Racer Milestone - Ron Ferguson's 11.40 with his daily driver small block powered 1967 Camaro - What makes it a "Milestone" comes in the form of a warning from the Tech Inspector that his car will no longer be permitted to run that ET without a rollbar.
dragsite.com photo
Sept 08 2003   -   Newest Member of the 9 second club - Donnie Gillis
S/Pro # 1967
 The goal: getting his small block chevy powered 1967 Nova down into the 9's for the first time. At the August ADRA points meet weekend at Cape Breton Dragway he ran the "Milestone" 9.96
 Robert & Kevin Burke
S/Pro # 769
From Our inbox: We would like to apply for membership into the "9 SECOND CLUB". After
2 years of 10 second passes with our S/Pro 1969 Z/28 Camaro we finally achieved our goal - getting down into the 9's. At the July 25-27 ADRA points meet weekend we ran 9.40 @ 142 mph. Thank You,
Robert & Kevin Burke
Wayne Murray's 1980 Camaro - Pro # 3
From Our inbox: Just a reminder about our 1980 Camaro that went from running 12.2 to 11.59 this year.We put new bearings below, added a 525 solid cam, a 4000 converter
and topped it off with a single plane Team G intake.
Mark Green's Road Runner
Found in  our inbox: From Mario Van Weichen - news of Mark getting the Road Runner in the tens during the first ADRA Points Meet at Miramichi Dragway Park with a 10.99.

Raceway Park PEI
Darryl Gallagher photo
9 second 289!!!
mailbox another small cube Super Stocker from the USA:
A 1997 Ford Probe with a 1964 Mercury 289, the motor is built by the owner Ray Scardelli Machine work on the motor is by B&B machine from Rahway,NJ Chassis was built by ProStart out of North NJ With a Jerico 4 speed.
 Russ Bonavita... Crew Chief
Scardelli Racing

9 second 283!!!
EDITOR'S NOTE: From south of the border we have news of the very first 9 second run by a 283 Nova in SS/K. Robin Brown went a 9.997 @ 130 during a recent event in Alabama. What makes this a "milestone" is the fact this is an all steel car with no lexan or fibreglass with a little 283 that includes very small valves(1.72") and a 475 CFM Rochester 4 jet carb.
Member of the 9 second club
Doug Decker
October 6 2002 - a 9.95 at
Mirimichi's Season Finale

George White photo
Submitted by:Mario Van Weichen - Oct 7

CBDRA Tech Inspector Chris Pozzebon got his bike in the tens during the August 23-25 weekend at the Cape Breton Dragway / ADRA Points Meet with a 10.86

George White photo
Shaun Hillier - Glace Bay NS
broke into the 11's with his Pro class Street Driven IROC Camaro with an 11.92 ET.
Shaun will be moving up to the Super/Pro class (0-11.99) if he keepsturning ET's like that.
George White photo

Billy Horton

Billy went 7.98 at 162 mph with a 1.19 60 ft and 5.00 in the 1/8 mile. in Epping N.H. Aug. 9

This is a great comeback
for Billy after the horrendous crash he had at Raceway Park PEI last year.

.George White

Congratulations to Alan
Cantwell and family - After
turning low 11's for a couple
of years they broke that
10 sec barrier during the first Cape Breton Dragway
ADRA Points meet.
George White photo

Tony MacNeil got his Mustang in the 12.90's this summer
George White photo
Submitted by Jason MacNeil
Cape Breton's new 9 second club
Len Nicholson (left) and Tom Aucoin (right) both got into the nine second zone during
the July 27-28 ADRA Points meet after both running a very long string of 10.0's.
George White photos
Left: Jason MacNeil's Super Pro
Monza - This 327 Chevy
powered gem
dipped into the nines this
season and now joins our
 other Cape Breton racers
9 second club. Thanks to Jason for the info on his cousin
Tony's 12.90 Mustang above .
George White photo