Maritime Drag Racing 2017 Race Results
Maritime Drag Racing 2017 Race Results
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;Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, September 22-24

Well after a dismal season of weather out at Greenfield dragway, racers and spectators were hopeful for a great season finale…and boy did their wish come true. Other than lingering morning fog, everyone was treated to some fantastic September weather and a great show. With a total of 239 entries, 1616 runs down the 1320 and packed stands stands both days; what a finish it was!
The weekend schedule featured the annual bracket bash which was held over from the cancelled August event and the ADRA Team Race on Saturday, followed by the ADRA and Greenfield Drag Racing Series on Sunday.
Here are the eliminator results:
Bracket Bash, No Box
109 entries, total purse $7726, incomplete due to darkness; 7 remaining entries receive over $1000 each.
Congratulations to:  Glenn Frizzell, Bruce Riley, Bruce Howatt, Scott Underhill, Warren Cottreau, Randy Hampton and Colin Newman.
Round of 16 losers received $100 each, congratulations to Dave Joudrey, Wayne Roy, Mike Ingram, Jenna Rippey, Danny Rippey, Ricky Nauss Jr and Philip Archibald.
Bracket Bash, Box
60 Entries, total purse $7449
Winner- Tony McNeil, $4160
Runner-up- Barrett Bonnar, $1780
Semi-finalists $400 each- Jason McNeil, Kandy Mitton
Quarter-finalists $200 each- Craig Demone, Cory Massey, Brett Ramsay, Perk Perkins
Round of 16 $100 each- Glenn Walker, Chris Pozzebon, Sheldon Pastuck, Chick Coughlin, George Estabrooks, Blair Walker, Benny Nieston
Bracket Bash, Junior Dragster
Winner- Dawson Miller, $300
Runner-up- Wyatt Rankin, $150
Third place- Lacey Weir, $50
ADRA Team Race
Super Pro-   1st Benny Nieston, Cape Breton Dragway, 2nd Bruce Howatt, Miramichi Dragway
Pro-   1st Cory Sprague, Miramichi Dragway, 2nd Scott Sprague, Miramichi Dragway
Sportsman-   1st Rylie Green, PEI Raceway Park, 2nd Gus Longaphie, PEI Raceway Park
Bike/Sled-   1st Glen Ferguson, Cape Breton Dragway, 2nd Ricky Nauss Jr, Greenfield Dragway
Junior Dragster-   1st Jensen Green, PEI Raceway Park, 2nd Katie Pastuck, Cape Breton Dragway

Sunday Eliminations- ADRA & Greenfield Points Series
Super Pro
Winner:  Benny Nieston, Millville, NS
Runner-up:  Corey Massey, Chelsea, NS
Third:  Richard Boyd, Belleisle Creek, NB
Winner:  Devan Longmire, Lower Sackville, NS
Runner-up:  Colin Newman, Charlottetown, PEI
Third:  Mike Leslie, Liverpool
Winner:  Vaughn Boone, Windsor, NS
Runner-up:  Peter Lawrence, Bridgetown, NS
Third:  Darrell Power, Mill Cove, NS
Junior Dragster
Winner:  Dawson Miller, Kingston, NS
Runner-up:  Jensen Green, Berwick, NB
Third:  Lacey Weir, Kentville, NS
Super Pro:
Top Qualifier- Barrett Bonnar, Yarmouth, ’94 Pontiac, 9.6502 on 9.65
Chad Ramsay, ’89 S-10, .002 RT, 10.614 on 10.60 def. Brandon McNeil, ’81 Malibu, .089 RT, 10.15 on 10.13
Michael Whynot, ’69 Camaro, .036 RT, 9.689 on 9.71 def. John Croft, ’81 Capri, .018 RT, 10.482 on 10.51
Chad Ramsay, .022 RT, 10.596 on 10.59 def. Michael Whynot, .026 RT, 9.692 on 9.68
Top Qualifier- Scott Sprague, Waverley, ’72 Duster, 11.430 on 11.43
Nathan Hirtle, ’80 Camaro, .136 RT, 12.595 on 12.59 def. Don Lavoie, ’04 Corvette, -.042 foul, 11.431 on 11.41
Rob Baxter, Chevy ½ ton, .000 RT, 12.309 on 12.27 def. Jeremy Keans, ’85 Camaro, .056 RT, 11.115 on 11.11
Rob Baxter, .050 RT, 12.374 on 12.27 def. Nathan Hirtle, .157 RT, 12.634 on 12.59
Top Qualifier- Mark Densmore, Liverpool, ’83 Mustang, 14.224 on 14.20
Dan Nickerson, ’94 Firebird, .186 RT, 16.927 on 16.94, BYE
Dave Uhlman, ’98 Mercury, .079 RT, 16.464 on 16.42 def. Donnie Chambers, ’95 Ranger, .148 RT, 13.629 on 13.50
Dave Uhlman, .074 RT, 16.519 on 16.42 def. Dan Nickerson, .142 RT, 16.865 on 16.94

Sport Compact:
Top Qualifier- Jenna Rippey, Windsor, ’00 Solara, 15.686 on 15.65
Jenna Rippey, ’00 Solara, .171 RT, 15.903 on 15.68 def. Colton Robinson, ’04 Mazda, .162 RT, 16.805 on 16.40
Gus Longaphie, ’95 Tercel, .029 RT, 16.362 on 16.32 def. Danni Rippey, ’02 Solara, .153 RT, 15.672 on 15.78
Jenna Rippey, .202 RT, 15.848 on 15.68 def. Gus Longaphie, -.019 foul, 16.521 on 16.38

Top Qualifier- B. Rhyno, 10.805 on 10.80
Rickey Nauss Jr, ’05 Suzuki, .094 RT, 9.777 on 9.75 def. Glenn Frizzell, ’00 Thundercat, 10.233 on 10.15
Glenn Frizzell, ’00 Arctic Cat, .035 RT, 11.142 on 11.23 def. E. Lockhart, -.198 foul, 11.004 on 11.00
Rickey Nauss Jr, .110 RT, 9.761 on 9.75 def. Glenn Frizzell, .102 RT, 11.183 on 11.20
Junior Dragster:
Top Qualifier- Ashley Walker, Sackville, 8.012 on 7.98
Lacy Weir, .127 RT, 9.078 on 9.04 def. Cale MacKay, .197 RT, 7.936 on 7.92
Ashley Walker, .025 RT, 8.044 def. Wyatt Rankin, .287 RT, 9.914 on 9.95
Lacey Weir, .056 RT, 9.093 on 9.02 def. Ashley Walker, .199 RT, 8.030 on 7.97
Top Qualifier- B/SA, Fred Thibeault, Annapolis Co., ’69 Camaro, 10.158 on 11.55, -1.391
Jack Kierstead, I/SA ’76 Nova, 1.582 RT, Bye
Mike Ingram, D/PS ’93 Camaro, .048 RT, 13.412 on 12.90 def. Bruce Riley, SS/DA ’68 Chevelle, -.014 foul, 11.624 on 10.50
Jack Kierstead, .081 RT, 11.686 on 11.69 def. Mike Ingram, .126 RT, 12.874 on 12.91 dial

A final thank-you to all the sponsors of the annual bracket bash that make big dollar racing possible each year at Greenfield Dragway:
Trans-World Distributing, Valley Tire, Shelburne Stevedores, Pro Tech Roofing & Construction, Covey’s Auto Recyclers, Hatt’s Auto Sales, A-1 Towing, Naugler’s Excavation, Veinot’s Print, Cottman Transmission, Bruce Inglis Financial Services, Gow’s Home Hardware, Newcombville Irving, HV Performance & Offroad, Greenfield General Store, Chad Cronin’s Garage, Nova Automotive, Ellsworth Consulting, The Steele Group of Companies, West Nova Fuels- Kingston, Snap-on- Team Fraser, Donald Whynot Trucking, Always There Auto Glass, Car Sense, Wendell’s Collision & Paint, Hoggie’s Buy & Sell, Noddy Island Fisheries, Auto World, Scooter’s Tire Barn, Mick’s Auto Repair

Thank-you to all volunteer staff, participants, spectators and sponsors that helped and supported the BRACKET BASH and NSDRA. We look forward to seeing you all back on September 23-25 for the final race of the season which includes the ADRA series in action.  Until then…

Cape Breton Dragway
September final points event

Sept 17, 2017

Super Pro
1st Benny Niesten
2nd Jason MacNeil
3rd Doug Wrathall

Pro Class
1st Joey King
2nd Zack Langille
3rd Randy Langille

Sportsman Class
1st Henk Niesten
2nd Shaun Cadden
3rd Don Phillips

 Bike-Sled Class
1st Bruce Courtney
2nd Paul Metcalf
3rd  Gordon Ferguson

 Junior Dragster Class
1st Brent O’Handley
2nd Hanna Pastuck
3rd Gavin Pozzebon

Missing Photos - Gavin Pozzebon from Junior Dragster and Randy Langille from Pro Class.

Raceway Park Labour Day

Because of unfavorable weather conditions, Saturday’s racing was a washout.
Sunday morning things started to look up. The weather improved and more cars arrived. Two time trials and a qualifying round  for all ADRA classes and two qualifying rounds for the Stock/Super Stock guys and we were finally racing.
In round 4 of Super Pro,  Brian Toombs had the bye; Shane MacEachern beat John Rankin, and Dave Constable defeated Ashley Walker.
Round 5 saw MacEachern with the bye and Constable get by Toombs.
In the final, MacEachern ran right on his 5.43 dial but left a slight window for Constable with a .058 light. Constable ran 5.95 on a 5.94 dial and managed a .024 light to edge MacEachern by  a .028 mov.
In round 3 of the 31 car Pro Bracket class, Peter Rogers defeated Chris Chapman and Lewis MacDonald did the same to Floyd Bernard. Ernest Newcombe got by Greg Nickerson and Ray “Pug” Smith edged Bill Kelly by  .010.
Round 4 saw Lewis MacDonald beat Ernest Newcombe, who came up red at  minus 0.132 and Pug Smith defeat Bill Kelly.
In the final Smith ran right on his 7.67 dial with a 7.671 to edge MacDonald for Pro Bracket honours for the week-end.
Michael Ingram won the prestigious Stock/Super stock class by defeating Shaun-Paul Thibeault in the final. In the semis Ingram had defeated Joe Dupuis and Thibeault got by Jeremy Keans.

The Sportsman class saw husband and wife face off for top honours. Carl Leeman had defeated Rylie Green in the quarters and Gus Longaphie in the semis, whilehis wife, Christine, got by Tony Wakelin and William Newcombe. In the final run, Christine treed Carl with a .082 but broke out by 3 hundredths to hand her husband  the class victory.
In the Bike/Sled division, Charlottetown’s Shane Bolger had to defeat the always tough Glenn Frizzell twice to win the class. Sounds impossible until you remember Frizzell runs two Arctic Cat snowmobiles in the class. Bolger beat the S-12 sled in round two and then defeated Frizzell’s S-2 sled in the final. Kim Goodwin finished third in the class when she lost to Bolger in the semi final.
Fifteen Junior Dragsters entered the afternoon’s eliminations. Bri Toombs from Hunter River defeated Cole Basque in the semi final and Cale MacKay edged Kale Johnson.
In the final Bri Toombs handed Mr. MacKay a .005 light and eased to victory even though MacKay ran a .7909 on his 7.90 dial.  Kale Johnson finished third when he defeated Cole Basque.
Next action at the park is a Street Drag Event on Sunday, September 11 from 1-4 pm. And then of course we will have the Turkey Trot Nationals on Thanksgiving Weekend

Cape Breton Dragway

August 27  Results

Cape Breton Dragway

Super Pro Class
1st   Glenn MacLean
2nd  Tony MacNeil
3rd   Richard Boyd

Pro Class
1st   Lloyd Kierstead
2nd  Mike Ingram
3rd  Colin Newman

Sportsman Class
1st  Vince Hazel
2nd  Don Phillips
3rd   Terrell Provo

Bike-Sled Class
1st  Darren Creamer(photo unavailable)
2nd David Aucoin
3rd  Tom Code

 Junior Dragster Class
1st  MacKenzie Powers
2nd  Wyatt Rankin
3rd  Katie Pastuck

Raceway Park Aug 12/13 race report
With a less than favorable weather prediction all week and Saturday’s dismal forecast for the weekend, it was surprising that 40 racers actually showed up to race. Twenty of those were from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Quebec.  Saturday was a total washout and racers were left to socialize for the day.
Sunday however, proved to be a pleasant surprise. Time trials got underway shortly after 9 am and racing in the three Gamblers’ classes began at 11:30.
There were twenty-two entries in the Box Class which went six rounds because of a first round buy-back feature.  One notable pairing of the fourth round saw the two dragsters of Mark Green and Glenn MacLean meet. MacLean has been tough all year and to no one’s surprise laid down a beauty, a 4.98 on a 4.97 dial, coupled with a .043 light. But, it wasn’t nearly good enough to beat Mark Green’s 5.23 on a 5.23 dial and a .001 light.
The story of the day however, was Glenn Frizzell on his Arctic Cat snowmobile. Coming from the Bike/Sled Class to face Super Pro cars is tough, but he managed to work his way right to the final where he narrowly defeated Mark Green. Green ran 5.40 on a 5.36 with a .045 reaction time while Frizzell went 6.66 on a 6.64 and had a .029 RT. Josh Goodwin lost to Frizzell in the semi-final to finish third in the class.

Twenty four vehicles entered the No-Box class and the second round saw 24 racers there too, as all losers bought their way back into the competition.
Richard Leger, who only this year moved into the Pro class, worked his way through five rounds of racing, beating Rylie Green, Bill Brownell, Rick Hickey, Joe Fudge and Brett Ramsay along the way, to face none other than Glenn Frizzell on his other Arctic Cat in the class final. Leger had had a great .008 light against Brett Ramsay in the semi, but got a little too fine with a .009 “red” in the final to hand Glenn Frizzell his second win and big cash envelope of the day.
In the Junior Dragster Division, Brent O’Handley from Guysborough, Nova Scotia defeated Charlottetown’s Dillon Bolger in the class final. Mackenzie Powers was third.
Next action at the park is the ADRA Labour Day Event September 2/3. Meanwhile Tuesday night street drags will continue until at least the Tuesday after Labour Day.
;Race Results- Greenfield Dragway, July 7-9
Race number three of the Greenfield drag race series was contested over the weekend with a total  of 110 entries for the event.  Friday evening time trials were rain-shortened and persistent showers delayed the start time until 1pm on Saturday.   
Saturday’s action included a No Box gamblers, Box gamblers, junior gamblers and open time trials later in the afternoon. Here are the gambler results:
Box Eliminator
Final: #1526 Paul Weir, Kentville, NS, .015RT, 11.020 on 11.01 def. #1429 Johnny Rankin, Mount Uniacke, NS,  .475 RT, 9.256 on 9.23
Semi-finalist:  #71 Darrell Poole, Lawrencetown, #69 Michael Whynot, Sackville.
No-Box Eliminator  
Final:  #1412 Mike Ingram, Sackville, .015 RT, 11.731 on 11.71 def. #2197 Ricky Nauss Jr, Brooklyn, .045 RT, 9.924 on 9.92
Semi-finalist:  #1009 Jeremy Keans, Liverpool, #1153 Daniel Nickerson, Middle Sackville
Junior Gamblers
Final:  #1429 Wyatt Rankin, Mount Uniacke, .105 RT, 10.263 on 10.20 def. #526 Lacey Weir, Kentville, .088 RT, 9.163 on 9.17
Semi-finalists:  #2030 Kale Johnson, Milton
Sunday brought sunny skies and warm humid temperatures; a welcomed changed for sure.  Qualifying brought 29 Super Pro, 36 Pro, 12 Sportsman, 6 Bike/Sled and 3 Juniors to the lanes. Here are the eliminator results:
Super Pro:
Top Qualifier- Doug Decker, Brooklyn, ’67 Chevy II, 9.642 on 9.64
Tommy Vickery,  ’82 Firebird, .043 RT, 9.946 on 9.86 def. Dwight Stafford, ’85 S-10, .013 RT, 10.324 on 10.33
Cindy Pettipas, ’92 Firebird, .009 RT, 9.743 on 9.71 def. Glen Walker, ’04 Dan Page, .155 RT, 8.063 on 8.04
Tommy Vickery, .024 RT, 9.832 on 9.86 def. Cindy Pettipas, -.001 foul, 9.726 on 9.71
Top Qualifier- Sam Ellsworth, Bridgewater, 11.007 on 11.00
Devan Longmire, ’87 Firebird, .026 RT, 11.510 on 11.39 def. Cory Johnson, ’83 Ranger, .118 RT, 12.521 on 12.40
Bill Sheppard, ’73 Duster, .038 RT, 11.902 on 11.85, BYE
Bill Sheppard, .026 RT, 11.961 on 11.89 def. Devan Longmire, .133 RT, 11.350 on 11.39

Bike / Sled:
Top Qualifier- Ricky Nauss Jr, Brooklyn, ’05 Suzuki, 9.991 on 9.92
Rickey Nauss Jr, ’05 Suzuki, .046 RT, 9.919 on 9.95, BYE
David Coombs, ’04 Kawasaki, .165 RT, 9.861 on 9.80 def. Devin Mansfield, ’77 Kawasaki, .161 RT, 10.774 on 10.62
David Coombs, .604 RT, 9.936 on 9.80 def. Ricky Nauss Jr, -.015 Foul, 9.924 on 9.93
Junior Dragster:
Top Qualifier- Wyatt Rankin, Mount Uniacke, JRD, 10.279 on 10.26
Kale Johnson, JRD, .069 RT, 9.515 on 9.45 def. Lacey Weir, JRD, .131 RT, 9.127 on 9.11
Wyatt Rankin, JRD, .030 RT, 10.200 on 10.22, Bye
Wyatt Rankin, .115 RT, 10.260 on 10.19 def. Kale Johnson, .285 RT, 9.494 on 9.45
The next event at the dragway goes August 18-20 with round four of the Greenfield drag racing series and featuring the annual bracket bash on Saturday and the Atlantic Stock / Superstock series on Sunday.  

Top Qualifier- Ricky Sawler, Cambridge, ’67 Mustang, 14.620 on 14.60
Chris Osborne, Hammonds Plains, .681 RT, 13.731 on 13.65, BYE
Vaughn Boone, ’69 AMX, .069 RT, 16.992 on 16.90 def. Bud Murphy, ’05 GMC, .040 RT, 17.156 on 17.00
Vaughn Boone, .073 RT, 14.198 on 13.60 def. Chris Osborne, .078 RT, 14.330 on 13.70

Raceway Park Canada Day Weekend 2017
Report by Earl Proude
On Saturday the Pro Tree Show came to town and Benny Niesten was front and centre. Mr. Niesten won both the Super Street and Super Gas classes with final round wins over Bruce Howatt, in Super Street and Spencer Phillips in Super Gas.
In Super Comp, Jason MacNeil defeated Trevor Cowie.
The Gamblers’ races were cut short by rain around 5:30, with Jeff Molyneaux, Glenn Frizzell and Brett Ramsay remaining in the No Box class.  Kandy Mitton, Glenn MacLean, Tony MacNeil and Brett Ramsay were still in the Box class.

The Junior Dragster field had been narrowed to a final between Mackenzie Powers and Jensen Green.
On Sunday the racers had to wait until 2:30 for the track to dry enough to qualify, and then only in one lane.
 Eliminations began at 3:30 and saw Tony MacNeil edge out Brett Ramsay, courtesy of an excellent .501 light in the Super Pro Division. Mark Green defeated John Croft for third place.
Richard Leger ran 8.625 on an 8.62 dial and had a .506 light to defeat Colin Newman in the Pro Bracket final. Randy Langille finished third.
Darren Creamer won the Bike/Sled division defeating Shane Bolger in their class final. Kim Goodwin was third when she lost to Creamer in the quarter finals.
In the Sportsman class Rylie Green bested William Newcombe in their final. Jenna Rippey was third.
In the Junior Dragster class, Jensen Green made it two victories for the Green Team with a final round win over Brent O’Handley. Dawson Toombs defeated Bri Toombs, his sister, for third place in the class.
Next action at the park will be the Sport Compact Weekend, July 15 and 16 followed by the Gamblers’ Bash and Raceway Park points event August 12 and 1

Cape Breton Dragway

June 24-25
Under sunny skies and pretty humid conditions Cape Breton Dragway officially started its points championship with event one of their four race series. The results unfolded as follows:

SUPER PRO 1st Conrad Niesten, 2nd Mike Burns, and 3rd James Lyons

PRO CLASS 1st Kevin MacNeil, 2nd Rob Baxter, and 3rd Joey King

SPORTSMAN 1st Henk Niesten, 2nd Don Phillips, and 3rd Nathan Vienneau

BIKE-SLED 1st Ryan Donaldson, 2nd Kevin King, and 3rd Mark Collet

JUNIOR DRAGSTER 1st Gavin Pozzebon, 2nd Katie Pastuck, and 3rd Hanna Pastuck

Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, June 18
It was a pretty short weekend of action at the dragway with only one day of competition complete.  An unfavorable forecast brought out a lower than normal vehicle count for a typical June race. Unfortunately the opening round of the Atlantic Pro Tree Series could not be contested on Saturday but round one of the ADRA series and the second NSDRA point’s race were run on Sunday.
Sunday’s program featured 42 Super Pro, 19 Pro, 14 Sportsman, 9 Bike /Sled and 5 Junior Dragster entries. Here are Sunday’s eliminator results:
Super Pro:
Top Qualifier- John Croft, Blockhouse, NS, 10.479 on 10.47.
John Croft, ’81 Capri, .053 RT, 10.481 on 10.52, bye
John Rankin, ’86 Aries, .017 RT, 10.903 on 10.90 def. Darryl Stewart, ’68 Beaumont, .038 RT, 9.743 on 9.73
John Rankin, .024 RT, 15.349 on 10.90 def. John Croft, -.024 foul, 10.472 on 10.48
Top Qualifier- Jeremy Keans, Liverpool, NS, ’86 Camaro, 11.180 on 11.16
Jeremy Keans, ’86 Camaro, .000 RT, 11.214 on 11.22 def. Jack Kierstead, ’76 Nova, -.029 foul, 11.679 on 11.68
Chad Cronin, ’86 Monte Carlo, .164 RT, 11.064 on 11.04, bye
Jeremy Keans, .096 RT, 11.206 on 11.20 def. Chad Cronin, .155 RT, 11.097 on 11.04

Top Qualifier- Carl Leeman, Letang, NB, ’81 Camaro, 14.089 on 14.07
Carl Leeman, ’81 Camaro, .124 RT, 14.093 on 14.08 def. Donnie Chambers, ’94 Ranger, .200 RT, 13.755 on 13.64
Jenna Rippey, ’02 Solara, .215 RT, 15.757 on 15.80 def. Rylie Green, ’15 Ram, -.050 foul, 14.827 on 15.10
Carl Leeman, .179 RT, 14.076 on 14.08 def. Jenna Rippey, .150 RT, 15.765 on 15.80

Top Qualifier- Ricky Nauss, Mill Village, NS, ’06 Suzuki, 10.528 on 10.40
Rickey Nauss Jr, ’05 Suzuki, .019 RT, 9.951 on 9.98 def. Glenn Frizzell, Arctic Cat, .028 RT, 10.466 on 10.50
David Coombs, ’04 Kawasaki, .244 RT, 10.199 on 10.30
David Coombs, .046 RT, 10.329 on 10.30 def. Rickey Nauss Jr, .066 RT, 9.942 on 9.92
Junior Dragster:
Top Qualifier- Kale Johnson, Milton, NS, JRD, 9.511 on 9.40
Kale Johnson, JRD, .020 RT, 9.522 on 9.50 def. Elliot Sprague, JRD, -.015 foul, 11.639 on 11.51
Wyatt Rankin, JRD, .033 RT, 10.397 on 10.25, bye
Kale Johnson, .098 RT, 9.546 on 9.50 def. Wyatt Rankin, .236 RT, 10.387 on 10.35
Congratulations to all the winners!
Action picks up again July 7-9 with round three of the Greenfield drag racing series.  See you then!

Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, May 27-28 by Scott Sprague

It was an overcast and cool weekend at the dragway but the first race is in the books!  A total of 114 entries were out for the first event of the season, presented by Pro-Tech Roofing & Construction and Pettipas Family Automotive.  Although Friday and early Saturday were a wash, time trials did get underway just after 1pm.
In Saturday gambler’s race action Benny Nieston from Millville picked-up the win in the Box category by defeating Windsor’s Vaughn Boone in the final. No Box saw Scott Underhill from Bedford take out Dan Nickerson from Lower Sackville in a battle of the Stock eliminator cars; while Wyatt Rankin from Mount Uniacke beat Lacey Weir of Kentville in Junior Dragster action.
Sunday’s program featured 32 Super Pro, 42 Pro, 17 Sportsman, 6 Bike /Sled and 3 Junior Dragster entries. Here are Sunday’s eliminator results:
Shelburne Stevedores Super Pro:
Top Qualifier- Doug Decker, Brooklyn, 9.505 on 9.50 dial.
Michael Whynot, ’69 Camaro, .035 RT, 9.549 on 9.56 def. Eldon Clattenburg, ’63 Savoy, .038RT, 10.914 on 10.90
Bob Morse, ’85 Capri, .038 RT, 9.844 on 9.82 def. John Croft, ’81 Capri, .007 RT, 10.328 on 10.36
Michael Whynot, .008 RT, 9.559 on 9.56 def. Bob Morse, .031 RT, 9.833 on 9.84

Cottman Transmission Pro:
Top Qualifier- Peter Levy, Coldbrook, ’79 Malibu, 12.633 on 12.62
Devan Longmire, ’87 Firebird, .020 RT, 11.248 on 11.24 def. Jeremy Keans, ’86 Camaro, .051 RT, 10.949 on 11.00
Bill Sheppard, ’73 Duster, .040 RT, 11.796 on 11.80, Bye
Bill Sheppard, .015 RT, 11.893 on 11.79 def. Devan Longmire, .138 RT, 11.209 on 11.24
Ian’s Automotive Sportsman:
Top Qualifier- Ricky Sawlor, Cambridge, ’67 Mustang, 14.501 on 14.49      
Bud Murphy, GMC, .198 RT, 16.914 on 16.74 def. Henk Nieston, ’82 Grenada, -.004 foul, 14.185 on 13.72
Vaughn Boone, ’69 AMX, .916 RT, 17.893 on 13.50, Bye
Bud Murphy, .046 RT, 17.026 on 16.90 def. Vaughn Boone, .008 RT, 17.014 on 16.85
Shore Cycle Bike/Sled:
Top Qualifier- Rickey Nauss Jr, Brooklyn, ’05 Suzuki, 9.637 on 9.60
Rickey Nauss Sr , ’06 Suzuki, .307 RT, 10.360 on 10.70, Bye
Devin Mansfield, ’77 Kawi, .057 RT, 10.657 on 10.50 def. Scott MacKenzie, ’08 Yamaha , -.014 foul, 11.398 on 11.00
Ricky Nauss Sr, .264 RT, 10.175 on 10.30 def. Devin Mansfield, -.047 foul, 10.706 on 10.50
Pro Tech Roofing & Construction Junior Dragster:
Top Qualifier- Kale Johnson, Bridgewater, JRD, 9.884 on 9.83
Kale Johnson, JRD, -.057 RT, 9.815 on 9.84, bye
Wyatt Rankin, JRD, .196 RT, 10.057 on 10.02 def. Lacey Weir, JRD, -.011 foul, 9.046 on 8.96
Wyatt Rankin, .126 RT, 10.124 on 10.02 def. Kale Johnson, .110 RT, 9.994 on 9.80
Congratulations to all the winners!
Action picks up again June 16-18 with The Atlantic Pro Tree Series on Saturday and then the Atlantic Drag Racing Series and Greenfield points race on Sunday.  See you then!