2015 results

2015 results
2015 results
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Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, September 25-27

What a fantastic way to close out the 2015 season at the dragway. A perfect forecast of sunny skies and cool temps brought over 210 entries out for the last event. Excellent track conditions allowed many to post personal bests all weekend long. Along with this being the final points race for the NSDRA; it was also the final points stop for the Atlantic Stock / Superstock series and race seven for the ADRA who’ll finish-up in Miramichi this coming weekend.

60 competitors came to the lanes for Saturday’s Box category. Glenn MacLean took out fellow Islander Josh Goodwin in one semi while Barrett Bonnar bounced Glenn Frizzell’s Arctic Cat in the other. In the final, Maclean grabbed the stripe but his 9.874 on a 9.88 dial handed the win to Bonnar. Both drivers hit the tree well, Bonnar with a .024 to MacLean’s .025 RT.
A whopping 103 entries showed-up in round one of No Box, setting-up a seven round eliminator. The Islanders impressed once again and represented 4 of the 6 surviving entries. In the semis Colin Newman from PEI up ended Dartmouth’s Sheldon Casavechia while Glenn Frizzell took the solo to claim his spot in the final. Newman took a start line advantage in the final but broke-out by more trying to hold-off Frizzell’s hard-charging sled. Newman’s numbers, .049 RT, 11.572 on 11.58, Frizzell .070 RT, 10.716 on 10.72.
The junior gamblers had 10 entries and came down to a match-up between Rylie Green from Berwick, NB and Sackville’s Ashley Walker. Green pulled the trigger a touch early with a -.003 red light and handed the win to Walker who was ready with a .033 RT, running a 7.896 on a 7.90 dial.

In Atlantic Stock / Super stock action, a 21 car field made the trip for the season final. Fred Thibeault from Middleton took the number one qualifying spot. Thibeault’s B/SA Camaro laid down a 10.057 blast, - 1.493 under the 11.55 index. The eliminator final saw Bill Ervin beating son Trevor Ervin, Bill used an .098 RT and 9.631 on 9.62 dial to get the win.
Sunday’s program featured 47 Super Pro, 57 Pro, 17 Sportsmen, 6 Sport Compact, 11 Bike /Sled and 12 Junior Dragster entries.

 Here are Sunday’s eliminator results:
Super Pro:
Top Qualifier- James Dean, Oakhill, 2000 Camaro, 8.220 on 8.22 dial.
Darryl Stewart, ’68 Beaumont, .091 RT, 9.536 on 9.52 def. Sheldon Pastuck, ’72 Dart, .076 RT, 10.592 on 10.63
Mark Green, ’02 Race Tech, .068 RT, 8.479 on 8.47, Bye
Darryl Stewart, .015 RT, 9.527 on 9.53 def. Mark Green, -.003 foul, 8.464 on 8.47
Top Qualifier- Ricky Miller, Charleston, ’86 S-10, 11.002 on 11.00
Brett Ramsay, ’71 Camaro, .024 RT, 11.020 on 11.02 def. Jeremy Keans, ’85 Camaro, .037 RT, 11.103 on 11.12
Scott Sprague, ’72 Duster, .101 RT, 11.226 on 11.21 def. Randy Langille, ’96 Camaro, .150 RT, 10.985 on 11.02
Brett Ramsay, .049 RT, 11.033 on 11.00 def. Scott Sprague, -.005 RT, 11.286 on 11.22
Top Qualifier- Tim Ryan, Saint John, NB, 1990 Mustang, 14.193 on 14.19
Colton Robinson, ’01 Tercel, .054 RT, 18.139 on 18.15 def. Vaughn Boone, ’69 AMX, .105 RT, 18.009 on 18.10
G. Longmire, .153 RT, 16.263 on 16.00, BYE
G. Longmire, .175 RT, 15.956 on 16.00 def. Colton Robinson, .027 RT, 17.892 on 18.10
Sport Compact:
Top Qualifier- Danni Rippey, Windsor, ’02 Solara, 15.651 on 15.63
George Joudrey, ’94 Mazda, .037 RT, 14.432 on 14.43 def. Colton Robinson, ’01 Tercel, .225 RT, 18.306 on 18.15
Danni Rippey, ’02 Solara, .105 RT, 15.710 on 15.65, Bye
Danni Rippey, .003 RT, 15.728 on 15.69 def. George Joudrey, -.016 RT, 14.401 on 14.39
Top Qualifier- David Coombs, Milton, 2004 Kawasaki, 9.483 on 9.45
Gordon Ferguson, Honda, 1.507 RT, 33.246 on 9.97 def. Kim Goodwin, Yamaha, .026 RT, 10.793 on 10.83
Glenn Frizzell, Arctic Cat, 1.381 RT, 64.99 on 10.12, Bye
Glenn Frizzell, .034 RT, 10.388 on 10.20 def. Gordon Ferguson, 1.174 RT, 31.75 on 9.97
Junior Dragster:
Top Qualifier- Markus Meehan, Mantua, JRD, 9.876 on 9.85
Rylie Green, JRD, .089 RT, 8.165 on 8.10 def. Ashley Walker, KCS, -.006 foul, 8.003 on 7.97
Elliot Sprague, ’06 GMS, -.026 foul, 11.289 on 11.25, bye
Rylie Green, .043 RT, 8.191 on 8.14 def. Elliot Sprague, .073 RT, 11.300 on 11.27
Congratulations to all the winners!

Cape Breton Dragway,
Race Report by
Gerard Bryden

Because of a weather event, the race was cancelled at about 2 pm. today
Friday night Cape Breton Street Car Challenge
King of the Street – Colin Buchanan, Gardiner Mines
Cape Breton Street Car Champion – Colin Buchanan, Gardiner Mines
Saturday 2015 Maritime Team Race
1st- Cape Breton Dragway
2nd- Greenfield Dragway
3rd- Raceway Park, PEI
4th- Miramichi Dragway
Team Race Class Winners
Super Pro- Glenn MacLean, Hunter River, PEI
Pro Class- Bill Sheppard, Lakeview, NS
Sportsman Class- Henk Niesten, Milleville, NS
Bike/Sled Class- Gordon Ferguson, Homeville, NS
Junior Dragster Class- Brent O’Handley, Guysborough, NS

Sept 5-6 2015 Report by Earl Proude

The 2015 drag racing points season ended Sunday evening as two veteran racers faced off for the Duck Race honours. Jim Green from Berwick, New Brunswick pulled to the starting line in his son Mark’s 2001 4-link dragster to face Charlottetown’s always tough, Dave Constable and his 1969 Chevy Camaro. The points races were all over and championships decided, but it seemed fitting that these two great sportsmen, racing for little more than the love of the sport would finish the weekend’s events.  Constable did win the race, but drag racing on Prince Edward Island was the real winner.
In the Super Pro Division, Kandy Mitton from Sussex, New Brunswick faced tough competition all day, but managed to side-line such notables as Dave MacKinnon, Blair Walker, Jason MacNeil and Todd Chase before meeting and narrowly defeating Hunter River’s Glenn MacLean, courtesy of a .520 reaction time and an E.T. of 6.45 on her 6.45 dial-in. Todd Chase of Riverview, New Brunswick grabbed third place with a win over Bathurst, New Brunswick’s Clayton Chamberlain.
With her win, Mitton managed to work her way up the points ladder to second place with 153 points, just 8 points behind this year’s points champion, Ricky Beal from Midgic, New Brunswick. John Rankin from Mt. Uniacke, Nova Scotia was third with a 143 total.
In the Pro Bracket Division, Vaughan Boone from Vaughan, Nova Scotia drove his 1970 AMC to victory over Bill Kelly’s 1978 Nova from Long Point, New Brunswick in the class final. Bill Sheppard from Lakeview, Nova Scotia finished third when he lost to Kelly in the semi-final.
Although, Boone did defeat Wellington’s Brett Ramsay in the second round of the Pro Division, Ramsay was the run-away points champ  garnering an amazing 206 points. Aaron Crowe from North River, Nova Scotia was second with 122 while Ty Agnew from Riverview, New Brunswick was third with 110.
Chris Pozzebon from Gardiner Mines, Nova Scotia made his trek from Cape Breton to PEI count as he mowed his way through the competition in the Bike/Sled class only to meet and defeat fellow Cape Bretoner, Gordon Ferguson from Homeville in the class finale. Kevin King also from Reserve Mines, Cape Breton made it a “Caper Sweep” by edging Trenton, Nova Scotia’s Megan Horton for third place.

The Bike/Sled season points winner was  Glenn Frizzell’s #2 Arctic Cat from Charlottetown with 133 points. Frizzell also grabbed third place honours with his #12 sled which earned 122 points. Very close behind Frizzell’s #2 sled, with 131 points was the  Honda motorcycle of Darren Creamer from Mt. Stewart, PEI.
Carl Leeman from Letang, New Brunswick may have lost the days’s final race in the Street Division to Dani Rippey from Windsor, Nova Scotia but he won enough rounds on Sunday to have a comfortable lead in the year’s points race which he won with 165. Richard Leger from Shediac was second with 132, one point ahead of Tyne Valley’s William Newcombe.  Darrell King from Reserve Mines, NS was third for the day in the class.
The new ADRA class, the Sport Compacts, was won by Chris McCarville from New Haven, PEI when he defeated Dani Rippey in their final. Terell Provo from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia was third.
The Junior Dragsters had a busy weekend at the park finishing their points and running three races. On Saturday, Berwick, New Brunswick’s Rylie Green defeated third place finisher, Carson Nauffts from Dartmouth, NS in the semi-final and then edged out Hannah Ranni from Stellarton, NS in the final.
On Sunday, Rylie’s brother, Jensen, was the star as he defeated the same Hannah Ranni in the class final to not only win the day’s event but capture first place in the points race with 176. Rylie had to settle for second with 144. Cole Crowe from North River, Nova Scotia was third for the day and Hunter River’s Dawson Toombs finished third in the year’s points with a 123 total.
On Saturday, 65 cars started the Electronic Division of the Gamblers’ Race, and after seven rounds of racing, the old campaigner from Belleisle Creek, New Brunswick, Richard Boyd, emerged victorious over Benny Niesten from Millville, Cape Breton in the final pairing.
John Rankin from Mt. Uniacke, Nova Scotia won the Non-Electronic Gamblers’ Race with a final round win over Sunday’s Pro winner, Vaughan Boone.
A  “Quick 16 “ class was won by Dave Constable when he defeated Todd Chase in their final.
The Stock/ Super Stock tour were also in attendance on Saturday and ran their always efficient and exciting eliminations with Mineville, Nova Scotia’s Kelly MacKay defeating Jack Keirstead from Onslow Mountain, Nova Scotia in their final.
The next and last race of the season will be the Turkey Trots on Thanksgiving Weekend, October 10/11.
There will be at least one more Tuesday night street race and a couple of Sunday afternoons are planned for later in the month.
Cape Breton Dragway,
August 30
Race Report by
Gerard Bryden

A great weekend of racing at Cape Breton Dragway. Conditions were pretty much perfect and and the track had its teeth out as exactly 141 competitors went through tech inspection and the spectators were then treated to some pretty close drag racing packages. The level of competition has really escalated in eastern Canada and if your looking for those easy wins, well they don’t come very easy any longer. Great work by everyone preparing their machines but also some very stellar performances at the controls.
We also need to thank those hard working individuals who go above and beyond to keep this sport alive at Cape Breton Dragway. That would include the ladies at the entrance gate, the tech inspection crew, the staging lane and start line crew, the crew in the tower that have sort this all out, and also the ladies that handle the even splits and t-shirt sales. It’s all great for racing and it’s a feel good moment to have another successful events recorded in the record books.
The class results from the weekend are as follows:
Super Pro Class
First Place    Jason MacNeil
Second Place    Benny Niesten
Third Place    Faber Mackie
Pro Class
First Place         Randy Langille
Second Place    Lewis MacDonald
Third Place        Rob Baxter

Junior Dragster Class
First Place         Dawson Toombs
Second Place    Gavin Pozzebon
Third Place        Briann Toombs

 Sportsman Class
First Place         Nathan Vienneau
Second Place    Jenna Rippey
Third Place        Louis Grossett

Bike & Sled Class
First Place    Glenn Frizzell
Second Place    Gordon Ferguson
Third Place    Chris Pozzebon

Sport Compact Class
First Place          Jenna Rippey
Second Place    Danny Rippey
Third Place        Gus Longaphie
Saturday Box Gamblers
First Place         Glenn MacLean
Second Place    Devin Cantwell
Third Place       Mike Burns
Saturday No-Box Gambers
First Place         Clayton Howatt
Second Place    Tony MacNeil
Third Place        Glenn Frizzell
Saturday Junior Gamblers
First Place         Hannah Ranni
Second Place    Kirsten Cantwell


1st Brett Ramsay
2nd Greg Powers


1st Benny Niesten
2nd Greg Powers


1st Jason Mac Neil
2nd Mark Green

Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, August 21-23

The 12th annual Super Saturday Bracket Bash and fourth points meet took place this past weekend at the dragway.   122 competitors ignored the shaky forecast and were rewarded for their commitment as we nearly completed the entire three-day program. Friday evening time trials and Sunday’s program were fully completed but extremely high humidity levels and area lightening ultimately thwarted the completion of Saturday’s eliminator.

In the Box category 10 competitors shared a $6360 purse.  The remaining entries included Lorne Buchanan, Michael Whynot, John Croft, Tony MacNeil, Darryl Stewart, Brandon McNeil, Stuart Burke, Bruce Howatt, Mark Howes and defending champion Clayton Howatt.

The No Box category was down to 17 entries and split on a$6400 purse.  Money winners included Chris Chapman, Clayton Howatt, Bruce Howatt, Brian Robar, Glenn Frizzell, Tony MacNeil, Jeremy Keans, Bruce Riley, Dani Rippey, Peter Marshall, Cory Sprague, Scott Sprague, Tim MacKay, Budd Murphy, Paul Pothier, David Massey and Warren Cottreau.
The Junior Dragster category sponsored by Cottman Transmission and Pro Tech Roofing & Construction was run to completion.  The final saw Ashley “Taz” Walker from Sackville square-off against Kale Johnson.  Walker lit the red while Johnson took a .062 start and 12.456 ET to the victory.  Morgan Rodgerson picked-up third in the category and Johnson also pocketed the $50 prize from Pro Tech Roofing & Construction best light award.  Congratulations to our young drivers!
Sunday’s program featured the 4th point’s race of the Greenfield racing series and the third stop on the Atlantic Stock-Super Stock tour. The day ran start-to-finish without interruption or delay and under relatively sunny and very warm conditions. There were 29 Super Pro, 33 Pro, 10 Sportsmen, 4 Sport Compact, 8 Bike /Sled, 7 Junior Dragster and 15 Stock-Superstock that made the call for qualifying.  

Thank-you to all volunteer staff, participants, spectators and sponsors that helped and supported the BRACKET BASH and NSDRA. We look forward to seeing you all back on September 25-27 for the final race of the season which includes both the ADRA and ACSSA in action.  Until then…

Sunday’s eliminator results:
Super Pro:
Top Qualifier- Danny Walker, Sackville, ’79 El Camino, 9.270 on 9.26
Danny Walker, ’79 El Camino, .032 RT, 9.264 on 9.25 def. Brandon McNeil, ’81 Malibu, .002 RT, 10.095 on 10.11
Tony MacNeil, ’87 Mazda, .004 RT, 10.613 on 10.62 def. Glenn MacLean, ’87 Firebird, -.031 RT, 9.921 on 9.92
Danny Walker, .021 RT, 9.284 on 9.25 def. Tony MacNeil, .044 RT, 10.624 on 10.60.
Top Qualifier- Bill Sheppard, Lakeview, ’73 Duster, 11.993 on 11.98
Clayton Howatt, ’69 Dart, .052 RT, 11.259 on 11.24 def. Greg Longmire, ’82 Mustang, .094 RT, 11.713 on 11.66
Jeremy Keans, ’85 Camaro, .044 RT, 11.181 on 11.18, BYE
Jeremy Keans, .037 RT, 11.194 on 11.18 def. Clayton Howatt, .031 RT, 11.231 on 11.24 break-out
Top Qualifier- Danni Rippey, Windsor, ’02 Solara, 15.962 on 15.95
Dan Nickerson, ’94 Firebird, .147 RT, 16.970 on 16.95 def. Sterling Rhuland, ’92 Ford, .083 RT, 14.718 on 14.58
Henk Nieston, ’82 Grenada, .113 RT, 13.863 on 13.76, BYE
Dan Nickerson, .178 RT, 17.078 on 16.95 def. Henk Nieston, .344 RT, 13.906 on 13.80
Sport Compact:
Top Qualifier- Jenna Rippey, Windsor, ’00 Solara, 15.890 on 15.79
Jenna Rippey, ’00 Solara, .083 RT, 15.875 on 15.82 def. Colton Robinson, ’03 Sunfire, .118 RT, 16.698 on 16.59
Danni Rippey, ’02 Solara, .087 RT, 15.950 on 15.88 def. Terrell Provo, ’07 Cobalt, .078 RT, 15.224 on 15.30
Jenna Rippey, .225 RT, 16.035 on 15.85 def. Danni Rippey, -.123 RT, 16.001 on 15.92
Top Qualifier- Ricky Nauss Sr., Mill Village, ’08 Honda, 10.051 on 10.01
Scott MacKenzie, Yamaha, .049 RT, 11.347 on 10.95 def. Ricky Nauss Sr., Honda, -.500 RT, 13.685 on 10.20
Glenn Frizzell, Arctic Cat, .057 RT, 10.569 on 10.40 def. Devin Mansfield, Kawasaki, .144 RT, 11.036 on 10.90
Scott MacKenzie, .026 RT, 11.091 on 10.95 def. Glenn Frizzell, .097 RT, 10.465 on 10.38
Junior Dragster:
Top Qualifier- Hanna Ranni, Stellarton, ’07 JRD, 8.091 on 8.09
Hanna Ranni, ’07 JRD, .136 RT, 8.031 on 7.99 def. Lacy Weir, ’99 Mike Boss, BROKE
Morgan Rodgerson, Pubnico, .370 RT, 12.851 on 13.00 def. Elliot Sprague, ’06 GMS, BROKE
Hanna Ranni, .295 RT, 8.097 on 8.02 def. Morgan Rodgerson, .479 RT, 12.807 on 12.83 break-out
Top Qualifier- B/SA, Fred Thibeault, Annapolis Co., ’69 Camaro, 10.191 on 11.55, -1.358
Chris Chapman, ’69 Chevelle, .056 RT, 12.218 on 12.21 def. Greg Nickerson, ’94 Firebird, .107 RT, 10.881 on 10.92
Bill Sheppard, ’73 Duster, .101 RT, 12.567 on 11.91 def. Fred Thibeault, ’69 Camaro, .028 RT, 21.431 on 10.30
Bill Sheppard, .020 RT, 11.942 on 11.91 def. Chris Chapman, .043 RT, 12.256 on 12.21
Miramichi Results by Chris O'Neill August 1-2, 2015

Miramichi Dragway was a busy spot this weekend as they hosted the third points race of the season, ADRA points series, Stock/Super Stock and the Pro Tree Series. With over 150 racers passing through tech, the place looked full.

Saturday started off on schedule with time trials beginning at 9 am. Following this the Pro Tree and Stock/Super Stock started their qualifying sessions. The Stock/Super Stock racers do a detailed results post so I will leave that one to them. Here are some other results from the weekend.

In the 10.90 Hot Rod class, Tony MacNeil was the number one qualifier but fell in the second round. The finals saw Rick Nowlan lined up against John Rankin, with Rankin getting the win.

In the 9.90 class, Robert Gallant was the number one qualifier, but also found himself out after the second round. The finals saw Dwight Cummings going red while Josh Goodwin ran a 9.94 on the 9.90 Super Rod dial for the win. I couldn't help but notice one matchup in the first round. Glenn Maclean just barely got around Ray Roach, margin of victory was a mere .0006. Wow, now that is close!

The 8.90 Quick Rod class always has some tough competitors. The winner of the first two races showed us why, as once again Jason MacNeil was all over the number and qualified in the #1 spot. Continuing the trend with the top qualifiers, he too found himself on the sidelines after the second round. The final saw Trevor Cowie and Todd Chase lined up to do battle. Todd was a little behind at the start, a .034 to Trevor's .015, and Trevor laid down a perfect 8.900 to force Todd under the index at the other end to get the win.

Although the weather didn't fully cooperate on Saturday, ending racing a few hours early, the track managed to fit in the remaining rounds of the Pro Tree first thing Sunday morning.

In track and ADRA points, six classes were contested this weekend.

In Junior Dragster, Cole Crowe took out the always tough Green Racing dragster of Jensen Green in a seven car field. Crowe was under his dial running a 14.43 on his 14.50, but Green turned on the red light giving him the win while running 8.54 on his 8.52 dial.

The Sport Compact class which is contested at ADRA events saw five racers taking part. In the final it was Matthew Auffrey running 13.95 on his 13.98 dial with a .052 getting the win while D Rippey broke out going 15.85 on a 15.93 dial.

Eighteen cars qualified in the Sportsman class. The finals had Henk Niesten lined up against Terrell Provo. Henk had the better light, a .087 to a .109 and ran 13.75 on his 13.58 dial to take the win when Terrell broke out running a 15.13 on a 15.18 dial.

Fourteen racers entered the lanes for the Bike and Sled class. The finals saw a first time winner as Kimberly Goodwin was ahead off the line, a .061 to Kody Richardson's .113, and ran a 10.91 on her 10.88 dial for the win. Kody broke out chasing her down, running a 9.58 on his 9.67 dial. If he broke out by that much I am sure he still had a smile on his face!

Jack Keirstead was the #1 qualifier in the Pro Class, and earned himself the first round bye in a 33 car field. The finals saw Jeremy Keans and Don Lavoie pull into the burnout box. When the lights came down Don founds himself behind, with a .103 to Jeremy's .043 light. The advantage at the start was too much, and Jeremy took the win with an 11.23 on an 11.16 dial. Don ran an 11.43 on his 11.41 in a losing effort.

The Super Pro class had 61 cars head to the staging lanes. Benny Niesten grabbed the #1 qualifying spot in this class. An incredible twelve racers ran on their dial in the qualifying round. Chick Coughlin sat in the number 12 spot as he ran on the dial with a 9. Unbelievably close runs! The semi finals of Super Pro was a door car versus dragster affair, with Todd Chase and Kandy Mitton facing off, while Trevor Cowie and Glenn Maclean lined up. It was the day of the door cars apparently as both Trevor and Todd found themselves on the losing end in the semis. They came back up to run off for third, and Todd got the win. In the finals Glenn and Kandy were almost dead even off the line, a .027 to a .028. At the other end Glenn took a bit too much stripe, breaking out with a 9.87 on his 9.89 dial, handing the win to Kandy as she ran a solid 10.26 on her 10.25 dial.

The quick passes of the weekend went to Doug Forbes in his blown S and W dragster, going out Sunday morning and running 6.89 and 6.90, both at 200 mph!! Great job.

Even with an earlier than expected finish on Saturday afternoon, the track crew did a super job getting the rest of Saturday's program finished up this morning, and then completing today's program by 5 pm today. As always, Terry did a great job getting the track in race ready shape, and the hook was there, before heading to the tower to take on the announcing duties. Great job by all involved.

Thanks to all the racers and spectators who came out to take part in all the action this weekend. Our next race is a special event, the All Out Race! Come see the fastest cars the Maritimes has to offer as racers compete in the Outlaw and Drag Radial classes. This is a great weekend of drag racing with classes for every type of race vehicle out there. There are true heads up, first to the finish line, index classes, bracket classes, bike classes, and a class for the junior dragsters. Don't miss it, next weekend, August 8-9!

Cape Breton Dragway,
July 26
Race Report by
Gerard Bryden

Super Pro
Dave Anthony
Faber Mackie
Paul Power

Pro Class
Greg Gillis
Clayton Howatt
Mike MacPherson

Louis Grosset
Henk Niesten
Carl Leeman
Bike & Sled Class
Gary Lahey
Gordon Ferguson
Paul Metcalf

Junior Dragster
Brent O’Handley
Kirsten Cantwell
Gavin Pozzebon

Sport Compact
Jenna Rippey
Gus Longaphie
Don Phillips

Quick 16 Eliminator
Dave Powell Sr.
Doug Wrathall
Len Nicholson

Quick 16 Low ET Winner
Dave Anthony

July 4, 2015 Report by Earl Proude

A more than full day of racing occurred on Saturday. However, due to equipment failure, Sunday’s events were halted after only 2/3 of the cars had qualified and before any  of the eliminations were run.
The equipment problem has since been corrected, thanks to the time and dedication of Bruce Howatt.
The results of Saturday’s racing follows.
Stock/Super Stock
1st Bill Sheppard – Lakeview, Nova Scotia
2nd KellyMacKay – Mineville, Nova Scotia

Pro Tree – Quick Rod (5.70 class)
1st Jason MacNeil – Stellarton, Nova Scotia
2nd John Hill – Moncton, New Brunswick
Pro Tree – Super Rod (6.40 class)
1st Glen MacLean – Hunter River, PEI
2nd Vito Bosca – Bathurst, New Brunswick
3rd Tyson Cowie – Doaktown, New Brunswick
Pro Tree – Hot Rod (7.00 class)
1st John Rankin - Mt. Uniacke, Nova Scotia
2nd Greg Powers – Lakeville West County, Nova Scotia
3rd Brett Ramsay – Wellington, PEI
Box Gamblers’ Class
1st Mike Mattice – Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia
2nd Mary Roach – Saint John, New Brunswick
No Box Gamblers’
1st Glenn Frizzell – Charlottetown, PEI
2nd Jimmy Oliver – Alaska, PEI
Junior Dragster
1st Jensen Green – Berwick, New Brunswick
2nd Ashley (Taz) Walker – Sackville, Nova Scotia
3rd Dillon Bolger – Charlottetown, PEI

Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, July 10-12
Race number three of the Greeenfield drag race series went off over with weekend under hot and sunny skies.  Welcome to summer racing folks, high heat, fat DA’s and low barometers…no record runs this weekend.  A total of 116 entries enjoyed a full weekend of racing; a welcomed change to say the least.
In Saturday’s gamblers race action it was John Croft from Blockhouse defeating Blair Walker from Beaverbank NS in a close final in the box class.  In no box Warren Cottreau from Yarmouth NS was un- contested in the final when Rob Baxter from Sackville broke in the semi’s.  Kale Johnson from Milton, NS defeated Morgan Rodgerson from Pubnico, NS in the junior dragster final.
Sunday’s action kicked-off with one time trial and two qualifying runs in each category.  
Here are the eliminator results:
Super Pro
Top qualifier:  2472 Angela Lewis, Lawrencetown, NS, 10.501 on 10.50 dial
Semi-finals:                                                                                                                                                                    W  406  John Croft, Blockhouse, Mercury Capri, .017 RT, 10.567 on 10.54                                                               L  406G Corey Massey, Bridgewater, Chev Camaro, .077 RT, 9.694 on 9.59
W  2472  Angela Lewis, Lawrencetown, Pontiac Firebird, .014 RT, 10.566 on 10.55                                             L  M164  Doug Decker, Brooklyn, Chevy II, .067 RT, 9.564 on 9.59
Final:                                                                                                                                                                                          W  406  John Croft, Blockhouse, Mercury Capri, .040 RT, 10.746 on 10.55                                                              L  2472  Angela Lewis, Lawrencetown, Pontiac Firebird, .045 RT, 10.849 on 10.55     
Top qualifier:  2268 Devin Longmire, Sackville, NS, 11.302 on 11.30 dial   
Semi-finals:                                                                                                                                                                    W  396 Sheldon Casavechia, Dartmouth, Chev Nova, .058 RT, 11.650 on 11.60                                                 L  1197 Jack Kierstead, Onlsow Mtn, Chev Nova, .107 RT, 11.672 on 11.66
W 2119 Corey Johnson, Liverpool, Ford Ranger, .473 RT, 12.972 on 12.47                                                      Bye          
Final:                                                                                                                                                                                 W 396  Sheldon Casavechia, Dartmouth, Chev Nova, .060 RT, 11.885 on 11.63                                                 L 2119  Corey Johnson, Liverpool, Ford Ranger, .147 RT, 12.690 on 12.47     
Top qualifier:  505 Henk Nieston, Millville, NS, 13.712 on 13.71 dial
Semi-finals:                                                                                                                                                                     W 2682 Terrell Provo, Dartmouth, Chev Cobalt, .094 RT, 15.146 on 15.19                                                          L     794 Gus Longaphie, Cornwall PE, Toyota Tercel, .040 RT, 16.337 on 16.53   
W 2793 Ian Banks, Kentville, Chev Monte Carlo, .095 RT, 16.214 on 15.93                                                     Bye   
Final:                                                                                                                                                                               W 2682 Terrell Provo, Dartmouth, Chev Cobalt, .159 RT, 15.224 on 15.15                                                           L   2793 Ian Banks, Kentville, Chev Monte Carlo, .186 RT, 16.030 on 16.15
Top qualifier:  505 Henk Nieston, Millville, NS, 13.712 on 13.71 dial
Semi-finals:                                                                                                                                                                     W 2682 Terrell Provo, Dartmouth, Chev Cobalt, .094 RT, 15.146 on 15.19                                                          L     794 Gus Longaphie, Cornwall PE, Toyota Tercel, .040 RT, 16.337 on 16.53   
W 2793 Ian Banks, Kentville, Chev Monte Carlo, .095 RT, 16.214 on 15.93                                                     Bye   
Final:                                                                                                                                                                               W 2682 Terrell Provo, Dartmouth, Chev Cobalt, .159 RT, 15.224 on 15.15                                                           L   2793 Ian Banks, Kentville, Chev Monte Carlo, .186 RT, 16.030 on 16.15
Sport Compact
Top qualifier:  2290 George Joudrey, Blockhouse, NS,  14.540 on 14.49
Semi-finals:                                                                                                                                                                    W 2290 George Joudrey, Blockhouse, Mazda, .050 RT, 14.577 on 14.58                                                             L   2682 Terrell Provo, Dartmouth, Chev Cobalt, -.123 foul, 15.107 on 15.16
W 794  Gus Longaphie, Cornwall PE, Toyota Tercel, .049 RT, 16.553 on 16.43                                                  L 2360  Colton Robinson, Canning, Pontiac Sunfire, .180 RT, 16.449 on 16.30
Final:                                                                                                                                                                                 W 2290 George Joudrey, Blockhouse, Mazda, .050 RT, 14.746 on 14.62                                                             L    794  Gus Longaphie, Cornwall PE, Toyota Tercel, -.042 foul, 16.428 on 16.43

Bike / Sled                                                                                                     
Top qualifier:  S2 Glenn Frizzell, Charlottetown PE, 10.251 on 10.19 dial
Semi-finals:                                                                                                                                                                     W S2 Glenn Frizzell, Charlottetown, Arctic Cat, .008 RT, 10.392 on 10.38                                                            Bye
W 2289 Tony Roy, Liverpool, Suzuki, .294 RT, 11.565 on 11.02                                                                               L   2197 Ricky Nauss Jr, Brooklyn, NS, -.030 foul, 10.669 on 9.85
Final:                                                                                                                                                                                W   S2 Glenn Frizzell, Charlottetown, Arctic Cat, .065 RT, 10.498 on 10.38                                                          L 2289 Tony Roy, Liverpool, Suzuki, .256 RT, 11.455 on 11.04
Junior Dragster          
Top qualifier:  1316 Ashley Walker, Sackville, NS, 8.016 on 7.97
Semi-finals:                                                                                                                                                                    W 2030 Kale Johnson, Milton, NS, SBR, .421 RT, 12.850 on 12.70                                                                                  L   1316 Ashley Walker, Sackville, KCS, -.006 foul, 8.078 on 8.06
W 2010 Marcus Meehan, Mantua, JRD, .281 RT, 10.363 on 10.04                                                                         L   2605 Morgan Rodgerson, Pubnico, JDR, .397 RT, 13.779 on 13.90          
Final:                                                                                                                                                                               W 2030 Kale Johnson, Milton, NS, SBR, .467 RT, 12.853 on 12.70                                                                         L   2010 Marcus Meehan, Mantua, JRD, .253 RT, 10.497 on 10.04              
Next up is the annual big dollar bracket bash and Atlantic Stock / Super Stock series…a huge weekend of racing, all part of the 4th points meet August 21-23.  Until then…          
Cape Breton Dragway,
Race Report by
Gerard Bryden

Winners Photos on our message board
CLICK HERE to view the thread
                                2ND PLACE    KIRSTEN CANTWELL
                                3RD PLACE    GAVIN POZZEBON
                              2ND PLACE       DON PHILLIPS
                               2ND PLACE       NATHAN VIENNEAU
                               3RD PLACE       JENNY MACDONALD
                              2ND PLACE       MARK COLLETTE
                              3RD PLACE       BLAIR TIGHE
                               2ND PLACE       JOEY KING
                               3RD PLACE       GREG GILLIS
SUPER PRO             1ST PLACE        JAMES LYONS
                               2ND PLACE       TONY MACNEIL
                               3RD PLACE       BRAD KING
Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, Saturday June 20
Race number two of the Greenfield drag race series scheduled for June 19-21 boiled down to a one day event after inclement weather on Friday and Sunday.  140 entries were on the property Saturday morning under warm and sunny skies that featured the Atlantic Pro Tree series in action.
After two rounds of qualifying it was Jason MacNeil on the pole for the 8.90 Quick Rod category by posting an 8.905 effort.  In 9.90 Super Rod it was Josh Goodwin from Wellington, PE in the #1 spot with a 9.903 ET; while Tony MacNeil from Sydney, NS grabbed top spot in 10.90 Hot Rod with a 10.930 lap.  The day also featured a 51 entry Box, 82 entry No Box and Junior Dragster gamblers race.

Here are the eliminator results:
Quick Rod 8.90
Final:  #1629 Jason MacNeil, Stellarton, NS,  .036RT, 9.018 def.  #1060 Jim Green, Sussex, NB, 3.29RT, 31.60
Semi-finalist: #3849 Lorne Buchanan, Bedford, NS
Super Rod 9.90
Final:  #1166 Glenn MacLean, Hunter River, PE, .021RT, 9.910 def.  #K193 Kandy Mitton, Sussex, NB, .042RT, 9.935
Semi-finalist:  #2261 Spencer Phillips, Brookside, NS
Hot Rod 10.90
Final:  #1830 George Estabrooks, Sackville, NB, .007RT, 10.917 def. #68SS Michael Golden, Cambridge, NS, stagefoul, NT
Semi-finalist:  #782 Bruce Howatt, Charlottetown, PE
Box Eliminator
Final: #1564 Cody Hobart, Westfield, NB, .028RT, 7.990 on 7.97 def. #186E Barrett Bonnar, Yarmouth, NS, .019RT, 9.458 on 9.50
Semi-finalist:  #182, Benny Neiston, Millville, NS
No-Box Eliminator  
Final:  #2024 Blaine Gavel, Walton, NS, .053RT, 9.654 on 9.62 def. #B2410 David Coombs, Milton, NS, .299RT, 10.107 on 10.29

Junior Dragster
Final:  #1316 Ashley Walker, Sackville, NS, .121RT, 8.004 on 7.90 def. #2047 Carson Nauffts, Dartmouth, NS, .270RT, 12.925 on 12.45
Semi-finalists:  #007 Bella Scott, Charlottetown, PE, #106 Rylie Green, Berwick, NB.
The next event at the dragway goes July 10-12 with round three of the Greenfield drag racing series.  Until then…

June 6-7, 2015 Report by Earl Proude

Ramsay is Double Winner at Raceway Park
The first points event in the Raceway Park drag racing season saw Wellington’s Brett Ramsay win both Sunday’s Pro Bracket Division and the Non-Electronic Gamblers’ Race.
In the Pro Division, Aaron Crowe from North River, Nova Scotia finished second and Summerside’s Ray Howatt was third. Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia’s Michael Ingram and Clayton Howatt from Summerside finished second and third respectively in the Non-Electronic Gamblers’ race.
In the Super Pro division, Mary Roach from Saint John, New Brunswick defeated Tony MacNeil from Sydney, Nova Scotia in the class final. Charlottetown’s Brian MacQuaid  edged out Robert Gallant from St. Nicholas for third.
The Electronic Division of the Gamblers’ race saw the Berwick, New Brunswick dragster of Mark Green narrowly defeat the very pretty 1970 Nova of John MacKinnon from Oyster Bed Bridge in the day’s final run. Michael Ingram bested Wellington’s Charlie Coughlin for third place.

The Bike/Sled division had ten entries for the day and after eight had been eliminated , the two snowmobiles of Charlottetown’s Glen Frizzell were set to face one another. He had worked both sleds through the field and took the #12 Artic Cat to the start line for the victory pass. Frizzell has raced the two snowmobiles at the track for many years and has always done well, but has never worked them both to the finals, quite a feat. Darren Creamer from Mt. Stewart was third in the class losing to Frizzell’s #2 sled in the semi-finals.
In the Street Division, Carl Leeman from LeTang, New Brunswick defeated Shediac, New Brunswick’s Richard Leger in their final. Tyne Valley’s William Newcombe defeated Christine Leeman for third place honors.  
Rylie Green from Berwick, New Brunswick won the day’s Junior Division with a final round win over Wyatt Rankin from Mt. Uniacke, Nova Scotia. Hunter River’s Dawson Toombs defeated his sister, Briann, for third place.
In the Junior Gamblers’ race, Briann got revenge on her brother, beating him in the semi-final and winning the division with a final round victory over Cole Crowe from Noth River, Nova Scotia.  Dawson defeated Jensen Green to capture third place honors  
The next action at the local drag strip will be July 4 and 5th when the ADRA, the Pro Tree Series and the Stock/Super Stock class all invade the park.
Meanwhile Tuesday Night Street Drags run weekly with Wednesday or Thursday as rain dates.
Race Report-  Greenfield Dragway May 22-24, 2015
The season opener at the dragway is in the books.  The weather was pretty soggy Friday and Saturday not much better with intermittent showers and a little hail for good measure.  The surface was eventually ready late afternoon for racers to blow the dust off with a few hours of time trails. Using the new drag, the track actually came-in pretty quick.
Sunday morning brought dry skies with a cool head-wind.  There were 118 entries for the weekend with 100 entries making the call for qualifying, 30 Super Pro, 34 Pro, 18 Sportsman, 7 Bike/Sled, 7 Sport Compact and 4 in Junior Dragster.  Here are the results:
Super Pro:
#1 qualifier- 2008 Kerry Oickle, Mahone Bay, NS, ’68 Chev Camaro, 9.262 on 9.620
W  406  John Croft, Blockhouse, NS, ’81 Mercury Capri,  .427 RT, 10.462 on 10.43
L  2224  James Dean, Oakhill, NS, ’02 Chev Camaro, No Show
W 526  Paul Weir, Kentville, NS, ’81 Chev Malibu, .033 RT, 10.643 on 10.56
L   M164 Doug Decker, Brooklyn, NS, ’67 Chevy II, .101 RT, 9.558 on 9.53
W 406  John Croft, Blockhouse, NS, ’81 Mercury Capri,  .077 RT, 10.478 on 10.44
L   526  Paul Weir, Kentville, NS, ’81 Chev Malibu, .028 RT, 10.683 on 10.56
#1 qualifier- 2624, Richard Carpenter, Belnan, NS, ’69 Chev Camaro, 12.001 on 12.00
W  1009 Jeremy Keans, Liverpool, NS, ’85 Chev Camaro, .049 RT, 11.167 on 11.18
L      152 Bud Murphy, Yarmouth, NS, ’56 Chevy Wagon, -.063 Foul, 11.338 on 11.40
W    515 Mike Ingram, Sackville, NS, ’93 Chev Camaro, .613 RT, 17.530 on 12.68
W    515 Mike Ingram, Sackville, NS, ’93 Chev Camaro, .062 RT, 12.707 on 12.70                                               L    1009 Jeremy Keans, Liverpool, NS, ’85 Chev Camaro, .051 RT, 11.197 on 11.17
#1 qualifier- 505, Henk Nieston, Millville, NS, ’83 Ford Fairmont, 13.724 on 13.70
W   505   Henk Nieston, Millville, NS, ’83 Ford Fairmont,  .150 RT, 13.986 on 13.65
L   2682   Terrell Provo, Dartmouth, NS, ’07 Chev Cobalt, .066 RT, 15.443 on 14.97
W 2305   T. Desjardins, Pontiac Firebird, .711 RT, 13.676 on 13.50
L     Bye
W    505   Henk Nieston, Millville, NS, ’83 Ford Fairmont,  .134 RT, 13.866 on 13.65                                           L    2305   T. Desjardins, Pontiac Firebird, .353 RT, 14.298 on 13.50
Bike / Sled:
#1 qualifier-  S2, Glenn Frizzell, Charlottetown, PE, ’00 Thundercat, 10.809 on 10.72
W 2017 Ricky Nauss Sr., Mill Village, NS, ’08 Honda CBR, .138 RT, 10.311 on 10.30  
 L  2410 David Coombs, Milton, NS, ’89 Yamaha FZR, .475 RT, 10.221 on 10.45
W       S2 Glenn Frizzell, Charlottetown, PE, ’00 Thundercat, .052 RT, 10.498 on 10.48
L   B2197Ricky Nauss Jr, Brooklyn, NS, ’05 Suzuki GSXR, .071 RT, 9.809 on 9.82
W   S2 Glenn Frizzell, Charlottetown, PE, ’00 Thundercat, .048 RT, 10.697 on 10.49
L   2017 Ricky Nauss Sr., Mill Village, NS, ’08 Honda CBR, .117 RT, 10.563 on 10.30  
Sport Compact:
#1 qualifier- 2429, Jenna Rippey, Windsor, NS, ’00 Toyota Solara, 15.894 on 15.86
W  2429 Jenna Rippey, Windsor, NS, ’00 Toyota Solara, .144 RT, 15.943 on 15.86
L    2682   Terrell Provo, Dartmouth, NS, ’07 Chev Cobalt, -.022 Foul, 17.399 on 14.97
W  2360 Colton Robinson, Canning, NS, ’03 Pontiac Sunfire, .092 RT, 15.931 on 15.93
L    2290 George Joudrey, Blockhouse, NS, ’94 Mazda MX6, .073 RT, 14.625 on 14.48
W  2429 Jenna Rippey, Windsor, NS, ’00 Toyota Solara, .051 RT, 15.986 on 15.93
L    2360 Colton Robinson, Canning, NS, ’03 Pontiac Sunfire, .106 RT, 15.921 on 15.90
Junior Dragster:
#1 qualifier-  1316  Ashley Walker, Sackville, NS, ’04 KCS, 7.911 on 7.90

W    340  Elliot Sprague, Belleisle, NB, .052 RT, 11.970 on 11.95
L    1429  Wyatt Rankin, Mount Uniacke, NS, ’98 Spitzer, .270 RT, 10.937 on 10.94
W  1316  Ashley Walker, Sackville, NS, ’04 KCS, .046 RT, 7.923 on 7.92
L      526  Lacey Weir, Kentville, NS, ’00 JR, .204 RT, 14.354 on 15.60
W    340  Elliot Sprague, Belleisle, NB, .020 RT, 12.122 on 11.95
L    1316  Ashley Walker, Sackville, NS, ’04 KCS, .035 RT, 7.881 on 7.92
Congratulations to all weekend winners, what a great way to start the season!  The next event at Greenfield Dragway goes June 19-21 with both the ADRA and Atlantic Pro Tree series being hosted.  Until then!