2016 Race Results
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Cape Breton Dragway
October 15-16 Results

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Super Pro Class
1st- Jason MacNeil
2nd- Doug Wrathall
3rd- Robert Hogan
Pro Class
1st- Rosalee Niesten
2nd- Rob Baxter
3rd- Colin Starzyczny
Sportsman Class
1st- Louis Grosset
2nd- Dan MacEachern
3rd- Zach Langille

Bike/Sled Class
1st- Brian Hedd
2nd- Ryan Donaldson
3rd- David Aucoin

Junior Dragster Class
1st- Katie Pastuck
2nd- Gavin Pozzebon
3rd- Keagan Cooke
Saturday Box Gamblers
1. Colin Starzyczny
2. Sheldon Pastuck
3. Benny Niesten

Saturday No Box Gamblers

1. Sheldon Pastuck
2. Kevin MacNeil
3. Tony MacNeil

Saturday Junior Gamblers

1. Gavin Pozzebon
2. Katie Pastuck
3. Hannah Pastuck
Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, September 24-25
What a fantastic way to close out the 2016 season at the dragway. A great forecast of clear skies and cool temps brought out 216 entries for the last event. Along with this being the final points race for the NSDRA; it was also race seven for the ADRA who’ll finish-up in Miramichi this coming weekend.
62 competitors came to the lanes for Saturday’s Box category. Benny Nieston took out Islander Darren Creamer in one semi while Darryl Stewart bounced Kandy Mitten from Sussex, NB in the other. In the final, Stewart grabbed a slight starting line advantage and ran a 9.557 on a 9.55 to push Nieston under by .007 of a second.
A whopping 111 entries showed-up in round one of No Box, setting-up a seven round eliminator. In the semis Chad Cronin up ended Sackville’s Devin Longmire while “Mr. Coffee” Bruce Howatt defeated Billy Sheppard in his G/SA Duster. Cronin pulled the trigger early by only -.002 in the final to hand the victory to Howatt and his Roadrunner. The negotiated split gave each driver $1100 for their effort.
The junior gamblers had 8 entries and came down to a match-up between Lacey Weir from Kentville, NS and Sackville’s Ashley Walker. Walker used a starting line advantage to track down Weir and the win.
Sunday’s program featured 48 Super Pro, 58 Pro, 19 Sportsmen, 9 Sport Compact, 16 Bike /Sled and 8 Junior Dragster entries. Here are Sunday’s eliminator results:
Super Pro:
Top Qualifier- Rodney Mansfield, Liverpool, NS, ’89 Mustang, 9.923 on 9.92.
Kandy Mitton, ’87 Mustang, .023 RT, 9.874 on 9.85 def. Brian Mansfield, ’94 Camaro, .123 RT, 8.729 on 8.74
Tony MacNeil, ’81 RX-7, .018 RT, 10.945 on 10.90, Bye
Kandy Mitton, .019 RT, 9.864 on 9.86 def. Tony MacNeil, .010 RT, 10.882 on 10.90
Top Qualifier- Rob Baxter, Mount Uniacke, Chev ? ton, 11.906 on 11.90
Jeremy Keans, ’86 Camaro, .006 RT, 11.534 on 11.13 def. Mike Ingram, ’93 Camaro, .093 RT, 13.315 on 12.70
Vaughn Boone, ’70 AMX, .024 RT, 11.953 on 11.15 def. Bob Card, ’88 Camaro, -.041 RT, 12.221 on 12.20
Jeremy Keans, .008 RT, 11.134 on 11.12 def. Vaughn Boone, .034 RT, 11.125 on 11.12

Top Qualifier- Henk Nieston, Millville, NS, ’82 Grenada, 13.705 on 13.70
Henk Nieston, ’82 Grenada, .013 RT, 13.718 on 13.68 def. Mark Densmore, ’83 Mustang, .472 RT, 13.173 on 13.60
Jenna Rippey, ’00 Solara, .042 RT, 15.465 on 15.54 def. T. Kennedy, .162 RT, 13.373 on 13.52
Henk Nieston, .079 RT, 13.771 on 13.70 def. Jenna Rippey, .120 RT, 15.578 on 15.45

Sport Compact:
Top Qualifier- Kerry Perry, Shelburne, ’98 Neon, 14.706 on 14.70
Jenna Rippey, ’00 Solara, .126 RT, 15.594 on 15.49 def. Gus Longaphie, ’95 Tercel, .089 RT, 16.565 on 16.18
Nick Manthorne, .158 RT, 15.618 on 15.73, Bye
Jenna Rippey, .088 RT, 15.686 on 15.49 def. Nick Manthorne, .041 RT, 16.038 on 15.67
Top Qualifier- Shane Bolger, Charlottetown, PE, 9.547 on 9.54
Darren Creamer, .007 RT, 9.878 on 9.90 def. E. Lockhart, -.001 RT, 11.030 on 10.80
Glenn Frizzell, Arctic Cat, .071 RT, 10.204 on 10.11 def. Rickey Nauss Jr, ’05 Suzuki, -.050 RT, 10.122 on 9.75
Glenn Frizzell, .014 RT, 10.145 on 10.19 def. Darren Creamer, .027RT, 9.795 on 9.88
Junior Dragster:
Top Qualifier- Wyatt Rankin, Mount Uniacke, JRD, 10.00 on 10.00
Dillon Bolger, JRB, .333 RT, 11.613 on 11.50 def. Lacey Weir, JRD, .053 RT, 9.097 on 9.13
Elliot Sprague, ’06 GMS, .107 RT, 10.054 on 9.94 def. Wyatt Rankin, JRD, .176 RT, 9.962 on 9.99
Elliot Sprague, .081 RT, 10.165 on 9.99 def. Dillon Bolger, .188 RT, 11.675 on 11.50
Congratulations to all the winners!

 2016 Final Points Report by Earl Proude

Island Drivers Sweep Raceway Park Points
All five divisions in the 2016 Raceway Park points’ race were captured by Island drivers.
Wellington’s Brett Ramsay captured the prestigious Super Pro class with 325 points, 22 ahead of Greg Powers from Lakeville West County, New Brunswick and 53 more than Mary Elizabeth Roach from Saint John. Stellarton, Nova Scotia’s Jason MacNeil and John Hill from Moncton filled out the top five in the division.
In the Pro Bracket class, Ray “Pug” Smith finished 37 points ahead of fellow Charlottetown racer, Colin Newman to win his first Pro Bracket championship. Newman finished one point in front of Bill Sheppard from Lakeview, Nova Scotia who had a very strong Labour Day finish. Aaron Crowe from North River, Nova Scotia was fourth and Shane Lord from Bedeque, PEI was fifth.

Islanders ruled the Bike/Sled class filling all of the top five positions. Charlottetown’s Shane Bolger finished first with 298 points, 64 ahead of J.C. Creamer from Mt. Stewart. Darren Creamer followed his son in third with 205. Ron Savidant from Brackley Beach and Winsloe’s Glenn Frizzell rounded out the top five.
Josh MacCarville from Kensington won the Sportsman class by beating second place finisher, Tony Wakelin from Cavendish. The two actually faced off against each other in the second round on Sunday afternoon of Labour Day weekend. MacCarville won the race and the points’ championship. Rylie Green from Moncton and Tyne Valley’s William Newcombe tied for third while Gus Longaphie from New Argyle was fifth.
Dillon Bolger followed his dad’s example and won the Junior Dragster and Drag Bike division with 37 points more than Lacey Weir from Kentville, NS. Cole Crowe from North River, NS was third. Ashley “Taz” Walker from Sackville, NS was fourth and Hunter River’s Bri Toombs was fifth.
Most of these racers and a few others will represent PEI as they face the top racers from the three other Maritime tracks in the ADRA team race which will be held on Saturday of Thanksgiving Weekend at Raceway Park.

Cape Breton Dragway
September 18 Results

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Devin Cantwell
Doug Wrathall
Troy Baldwin
Kevin MacNeil
David Polson
Joey King
Henk Niesten
Don Phillips
Robert Hogan
Gordon Ferguson
Paul  Metcalf
Kevin King
Gavin Pozzebon
Lacy Weir
Katie Pastuck
David Anthony
Steve Burns
David Anthony  4.365 at 161.86 MPH

 Labour Day 2016 Report by Earl Proude  When the Stock/Super Stockers come to town we are always impressed with the axe job they do on their respective indexes, their professional attitude toward racing and their quick reaction to a call to come to the ramp , but this visit also showed how impressive they can be as racers.
After two rounds of qualifying, Jeremy Keans garnered the number one qualifying spot,  and after disposing of Joe Dupuis in the first round received the bye into the semi-finals.
Bill Sheppard had to get by Blair MacDonald and Don Lavoie to earn his spot in the final four where he then managed to defeat Keans.
In the other half of the ladder, Mike Ingram defeated Scott Sprague and Alan Harper to get to meet Kelly MacKay who had eliminated Ed Chapman and Cory Sprague.
MacKay got by Ingram and had a .544 light against Sheppard’s .557 in the final, but Sheppard ran right on his dial to push MacKay under (6.79 on 6.81) and to earn his first but not last victory of the weekend.
As I indicated, the S/SS story didn’t end there. When their eliminations were over, 11 of the 14 cars stayed to wreck havoc on the rest of the proceedings.
Later in the afternoon Sheppard worked his way through a large field of No-Box  Gamblers’ racers to face and defeat a very tough Shane Bolger.
Meanwhile , Jack Keirstead, who entered the Box Gamblers’ race, according to him, to get a pass or two on his car, ended up defeating another Stocker, Don Lavoie, in the Box class final. Not bad eh!!
On Sunday they were at it again in the Pro Bracket division. The final four were all from the S/SS ranks. Sheppard again got to the final by defeating Cory Sprague. Don Lavoie did the same to Kelly MacKay to meet Sheppard in the final. But this time, it was the Bud Man’s turn to prevail.

The Super Pro class saw Greg Powers get by Jason MacNeil in their final. Chick Coughlin took third when he ended a very impressive day by losing the semi to MacNeil
Brian Hedd from Dixon Point, NB won the Bike/Sled class by defeating Darren Basque from Moncton in their final. Darren Creamer beat Paul Metcalfe for third place.
In the Sportsman class, Dani Rippey from Windsor, NS edged Kensington PEI’s Josh MacCarville in their final. Rookie racer, Rylie Green, from Berwick, NB took third with a victory over Moncton’s Jenna Rippey.
A Duck Race was run for all first round losers, and after five rounds of racing New Waterford, Nova Scotia’s Sheldon Pastuck defeated Tyne Valley’s William Newcombe in the final. Poor Sheldon had to make one more climb up the tower steps to get the cash. Sheldon had already made several trips up the steps throughout the day changing dial-ins for two very special Junior Dragsters.
Fourteen Juniors vied for class honours on Sunday. Brandon Kelly from Long Point, NB gained his second victory of the weekend by defeating Katie Pastuck in the final pairing. Charlottetown’s Dillon Bolger edged Hunter River’s Dawson Toombs in their run-off for third. Dawson Miller from Tupper Lake, NS edged Mackenzie Powers to win the Junior Duck race.
On Saturday, Benjamin Kelly had defeated Tupper Lake, Nova Scotia’s Dawson Miller to earn his first win.
Next racing at the park will be the Sport Compact race on September 10 and 11Turkey Trot Nationals and ADRA Team Race on Thanksgiving Weekend.

Cape Breton Dragway,
August 28 ADRA race results

Super Pro Class

1st Place   Blair Walker
2nd Place  Jason MacNeil
3rd Place   Mike Mattice

Pro Class

1st Place    Don Lavoie
2nd Place   Rob Baxter
3rd Place    Kevin MacNeil

Sportsman Class

1st Place    Henk Niesten
2nd Place   Riley Green
3rd Place    Gus Longaphee

Bike/Sled Class

1st Place     Gordon Ferguson
2nd Place    Aaron Cooke
3rd Place     David Aucoin

Junior Dragster

1st Place     Cole Crowe
2nd Place    Dillon Bolger
3rd Place     Dawson Toombs

Race winners photos - CLICK HERE
Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, August 19-21
The 13th annual Super Saturday Bracket Bash and fourth points meet took place this past weekend at the dragway. With an awesome weather forecast and the promise of big payouts 198 competitors packed onto the property for a great weekend of racing. A total of $15,575 in prize money was on the line for Saturday.
In the No Box Category there were 96 entries in the lanes for round one and with the buy-backs in round two it took eight rounds to complete the eliminator. The final featured a couple of veteran stock-superstock competitors in Bruce Riley from Lake Echo and Greg Nickerson from Sackville. Riley paired a 9.264 on 9.26 dial with a .046 RT to pocket the $4400 cheque. For his runner-up effort Nickerson took home $1887. Clayton Howatt from Summerside, PE bowed out in the semi-final and took home $400. Kevin Murphy, Jeremy Keans, Fred Thibeault collected $200 each in the quarter-finals; while Peter Lawrence, Brian Robar, Mike Ingram, John Croft and Chad Ramsay each tallied $100 from the round of 16.
53 competitors entered the Box category and with the buy-backs it took seven rounds to find a victor. In the end it was Yarmouth's Barrett Bonnar squaring off with Bedford's Lorne Buchanan. Buchanan lit the red at -.029 to hand the win to Bonnar who was more than ready by hitting the tree at .003. The win gave Bonnar $4063 while Buchanan collected $1741. Sackville's Michael Whynot just fell short in the semi's and claimed $400; Bruce Howatt, John Croft and Brett Ramsay each grabbed $200 in the quarters and Jason McNeil, Johnny Rankin, Mark Howes, Stewart Burke, Mike Ingram and Josh Goodwin all received $100 from the round of 16.
The Junior Dragster category sponsored by Cottman Transmission and Pro Tech Roofing & Construction featured 7 eager drivers. The final saw Colton Howes from Rothesay, NB square-off against Mount Uniacke's Wyatt Rankin. Young Rankin overcame a start line deficit to reel in Howes at the stripe by .06. Morgan Rodgerson and Lacey Weir made it to the semi-finals. Congratulations to our young drivers!
Sunday's program featured the 4th point's race of the Greenfield racing series and the third stop on the Atlantic Stock-Super Stock tour. There were 51 Super Pro, 49 Pro, 19 Sportsmen, 4 Sport Compact, 13 Bike /Sled, 7 Junior Dragster and 17 Stock-Superstock that made the call for qualifying.

Here are Sunday's eliminator results:
Super Pro:
Top Qualifier- Barrett Bonnar, Yarmouth, '94 Pontiac, 9.6502 on 9.65
Chad Ramsay, '89 S-10, .002 RT, 10.614 on 10.60 def. Brandon McNeil, '81 Malibu, .089 RT, 10.15 on 10.13
Michael Whynot, '69 Camaro, .036 RT, 9.689 on 9.71 def. John Croft, '81 Capri, .018 RT, 10.482 on 10.51
Chad Ramsay, .022 RT, 10.596 on 10.59 def. Michael Whynot, .026 RT, 9.692 on 9.68

Top Qualifier- Scott Sprague, Waverley, '72 Duster, 11.430 on 11.43
Nathan Hirtle, '80 Camaro, .136 RT, 12.595 on 12.59 def. Don Lavoie, '04 Corvette, -.042 foul, 11.431 on 11.41
Rob Baxter, Chevy ½ ton, .000 RT, 12.309 on 12.27 def. Jeremy Keans, '85 Camaro, .056 RT, 11.115 on 11.11
Rob Baxter, .050 RT, 12.374 on 12.27 def. Nathan Hirtle, .157 RT, 12.634 on 12.59
Top Qualifier- Mark Densmore, Liverpool, '83 Mustang, 14.224 on 14.20
Dan Nickerson, '94 Firebird, .186 RT, 16.927 on 16.94, BYE
Dave Uhlman, '98 Mercury, .079 RT, 16.464 on 16.42 def. Donnie Chambers, '95 Ranger, .148 RT, 13.629 on 13.50
Dave Uhlman, .074 RT, 16.519 on 16.42 def. Dan Nickerson, .142 RT, 16.865 on 16.94
Sport Compact:
Top Qualifier- Jenna Rippey, Windsor, '00 Solara, 15.686 on 15.65
Jenna Rippey, '00 Solara, .171 RT, 15.903 on 15.68 def. Colton Robinson, '04 Mazda, .162 RT, 16.805 on 16.40
Gus Longaphie, '95 Tercel, .029 RT, 16.362 on 16.32 def. Danni Rippey, '02 Solara, .153 RT, 15.672 on 15.78
Jenna Rippey, .202 RT, 15.848 on 15.68 def. Gus Longaphie, -.019 foul, 16.521 on 16.38
Top Qualifier- B. Rhyno, 10.805 on 10.80
Rickey Nauss Jr, '05 Suzuki, .094 RT, 9.777 on 9.75 def. Glenn Frizzell, '00 Thundercat, 10.233 on 10.15
Glenn Frizzell, '00 Arctic Cat, .035 RT, 11.142 on 11.23 def. E. Lockhart, -.198 foul, 11.004 on 11.00
Rickey Nauss Jr, .110 RT, 9.761 on 9.75 def. Glenn Frizzell, .102 RT, 11.183 on 11.20
Junior Dragster:
Top Qualifier- Ashley Walker, Sackville, 8.012 on 7.98
Lacy Weir, .127 RT, 9.078 on 9.04 def. Cale MacKay, .197 RT, 7.936 on 7.92
Ashley Walker, .025 RT, 8.044 def. Wyatt Rankin, .287 RT, 9.914 on 9.95
Lacey Weir, .056 RT, 9.093 on 9.02 def. Ashley Walker, .199 RT, 8.030 on 7.97
Top Qualifier- B/SA, Fred Thibeault, Annapolis Co., '69 Camaro, 10.158 on 11.55, -1.391
Jack Kierstead, I/SA '76 Nova, 1.582 RT, Bye
Mike Ingram, D/PS '93 Camaro, .048 RT, 13.412 on 12.90 def. Bruce Riley, SS/DA '68 Chevelle, -.014 foul, 11.624 on 10.50
Jack Kierstead, .081 RT, 11.686 on 11.69 def. Mike Ingram, .126 RT, 12.874 on 12.91 dial
Thank-you to all volunteer staff, participants, spectators and sponsors that helped and supported the BRACKET BASH and NSDRA. We look forward to seeing you all back on September 23-25 for the final race of the season which includes the ADRA series in action. Until then…

 Report by Earl Proude   RWP Saturday Race Results from the Pinks Weekend
The Pro Tree program turned into a battle of the generations in two of the three divisions. No one seemed to be able to remember two father-son finals on the same day before, but that’s what happened.
In the Hot Rod class, the Wellington, P.E.I. Ramsay duo were the finalists with Dad, Chad coming out on top of a very close race. Chad had a slightly better light, a .522 to a .549 but Brett got to the finish line first only to break out with a 6.99 on the 7 second 1/8 mile index to give Dad the win.
Cape Breton’s Benny Niesten proved once again that he is tough in this Pro Tree stuff as he won Super Rod honours with a final round win over Moncton’s Scott Hill. Benny had a very good .515 light to Hill’s great .501. Again Hill got to the finish line first but ran under with a 6.397 on the 6.40 index to hand Niesten the win.

After disposing of Todd Chase and Brian Mansfield in the semis, Jim and Mark Green faced off in the Quick Rod final. They had been the number one and two qualifiers in the class, both running 5.70 on the 5.70 index, however in the final Jim’s car got to the finish line first, but this time going 5.676 to break out and hand Mark the win. Mark had run 5.71 with a .468 light on the .400 tree.  An interesting footnote to the generational story occurred in the first round of the Double Buy-Back Gamblers’ Race where third generation, Rylie, Mark’s son, defeated Dad. Apparently, the younger you are in the Green family, the better you are…. At least in that instance.
In the aforementioned Gamblers’ race, Mark Green again appeared in the semi-finals defeating Benny Niesten and Chad Ramsay edged Todd Chase to earn the right to meet Green in the final. In that final, Chad managed to get by Mr. Green for the cash.
In the Junior division Hunter River’s Bri Toombs defeated Charlottetown’s Dillon Bolger in their final. In the Duck Division Jensen Green defeated Mackenzie Powers to win their final.
And the rest was WET
Race Results- Greenfield Dragway, Saturday July 9

Race number three of the Greenfield drag race series scheduled for July 8-10 basically boiled down to a one day event after inclement weather finally closed in for Sunday. Time trials did go off basically
uninterrupted Friday and Saturday’s program only had one 45 minute delay around mid-day.

Saturday’s action included a No Box gamblers, Box gamblers and then a combined gamblers later in the
day. Here are the eliminator results:

Box Eliminator

Final: #186E Barrett Bonnar, Yarmouth, NS, .016RT, 10.666 on 9.57 def. #1321 Mike Mattice, Sackville,

NS, -.041 foul, 8.787 on 8.63

Semi-finalist: #B2197 Ricky Nauss Jr, Brooklyn, NS

No-Box Eliminator

Final: #406 John Croft, Blockhouse, NS, .004 RT, 10.341 on 10.37 def #1009 Jeremy Keans, Bridgewater,

NS, .001 RT, 10.950 on 10.98.

Semi-finalist: #2293 Brian Robar, Caledonia, NS

Combo Gamblers

Final: #186E Barrett Bonnar, Yarmouth, NS, .016 RT, 9.606 on 9.60 def #2380 Clay Wambolt, Caledonia,

-.016 foul, 12.005 on 11.98

Semi-finalists: #69 Micheal Whynot, Sackville, NS

The next event at the dragway goes August 19-21 with round four of the Greenfield drag racing series

and featuring the annual bracket bash on Saturday and the Atlantic Stock / Superstock series on Sunday.

July 1, 2016 Report by Earl Proude

Over the Canada Day weekend, Raceway Park was the site of the first ever three-day drag racing points event ever held in the Maritimes. Racers collected Raceway Park points on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday Atlantic Drag Racing Points were also up for grabs.
In the large Super Pro division, John Rankin from Mount Uniake, NS drove his 1986 Ford Mustang to victory over Wellington’s Chad Ramsay on Sunday while on Saturday Jason MacNeil from Stellarton, NS defeated Brett Ramsay in the final.
The 1969 Chevy Nova of Aaron Crowe from North River, NS edged Charlottetown’s Ray “Pug” Smith in Sunday’s Pro Bracket division. Colin Newman from Charlottetown won the division on Saturday by beating Bill Sheppard from Lakeview, NS in the final round.
In the Bike/Sled division, Mount Stewart’s Darren Creamer defeated Charlottetown’s Shane Bolger on Sunday. On Saturday, Bolger also made it to the final but had to settle for second as Winsloe’s Glenn Frizzell nabbed top spot in the class.
Sportsmen division honours went to Jenna Rippey on Sunday as her Toyota Solara edged the 1995 Tercel of New Argyle’s Gus Longaphie. On Saturday Kensington’s Josh MacCarville was victorious over Tony Wakelin from Cavendish in their final.

The Duck Race on Sunday, for first round losers, saw Tony MacNeil from Sydney, NS defeat Michael Ingram from Dartmouth, NS in the final pairing.
Fourteen junior drivers entered the Junior Dragster events on the weekend and there were four different winners. On Sunday Brent O’Handley from Guysborough, NS reined over all others as he defeated Ashley “Taz” Walker in their final. Saturday’s final saw Kale Johnson from Milton, NS edge Cole Crowe from North River, NS. On Friday Lacey Weir from Kentville, NS defeated Kale Johnson in the final. Sunday’s Duck Race for Juniors saw Jensen Green from Berwick, NB grab the win from Middleton, Nova Scotia’s Logan Gesner.
The Non Electronic Gamblers’ Race for points and cash on Friday saw Charlottetown’s Colin Newman defeat Sydney, Nova Scotia’s Tony MacNeil in the final.
The Electronic division was won by Moncton, New Brunswick’s Scott Hill when he defeated Winsloe’s Glen Frizzell on his Arctic Cat snowmobile.
On July 23 and 24 Raceway Park will host the ADRA points race that was originally scheduled for Cape Breton because their new track is not quite ready yet. Meanwhile Street Drags continue every Tuesday night at 6:30.
Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, June 17-19
It was a huge weekend of action at the dragway over the weekend! A fantastic forecast brought out 193 entries out for the second event of the season. A busy schedule included the Atlantic Stock/Superstock series and The Atlantic Pro Tree Series on Saturday and then round one of the ADRA series on Sunday.
Here are the results of Saturday's action:
W Mike Stone, Riverview, NB, SS/HA '67 Chevy II, .029 RT, 10.75 on 10.52 R/U Scott Sprague, Waverley, F/SA '72 Duster, -.042 foul, 12.195 on 11.37
Hot Rod 10.90:
W Brett Ramsay, Wellington, PE, '71 Camaro, .064 RT, 10.921 R/U Richard Boyd, Belleisle, NB, '69 Roadrunner, .016 RT, 11.00
Super Rod 9.90:
W Barrett Bonnar, Yarmouth, NS, '86 Grand Prix, .002 RT, 9.858 R/U Josh Goodwin, Summerside, PE, .001 RT, 9.838
Quick Rod 8.90:
W Mark Green, Berwick, NB, '02 Racetech, .001 RT, 8.862 R/U Glenn MacLean, Hunter River, .015 RT, 8.840

Box Class:
W Noel Peach, Upper Tantallon, NS, '86 Camaro, .068 RT, 8.881 on 8.79 R/U Darren Creamer, Bedford, PE, .104 RT, 9.723 on 9.79
No Box Class:
W Jeremy Keans, Bridgewater, NS, '86 Camaro, .038 RT, 11.130 on 11.17 R/U Kevin Brown, Windsor, NS, '78 Malibu Wagon, -.016 foul, 12.660 on12.56
Junior Dragster:
W Dawson Toombs, North Rustico, PE, .061 RT, 9.132 on 9.08 R/U Jensen Green, Berwick, NB, .147 RT, 8.212
Sunday's program featured 55 Super Pro, 51 Pro, 22 Sportsman, 5 Sport Compact, 17 Bike /Sled and 13 Junior Dragster entries. Here are Sunday's eliminator results:

Super Pro:
Top Qualifier- Glen MacLean, Hunter River, PE, 7.828 on 7.82.
Sheldon Pastuck, '73 Dart, .009 RT, 10.776 on 10.76 def. Barrett Bonnar, '86 Grand Prix, -.500 foul, 29.538 on 9.54
Glenn MacLean, RED, .016 RT, 7.854 on 7.84 def. Lorne Buchanan, RED, .371 RT, 8.060 on 7.98
Glenn MacLean, .169 RT, 7.860 on 7.84 def. Sheldon Pastuck, -.002 foul, 12.443 on 10.75
Top Qualifier- Brian Robar, Caledonia, NS, '00 Cavalier, 11.446 on 11.44
Kelly MacKay, '72 Demon, .031 RT, 11.341 on 11.23 def. Peter Barkhouse, '84 Camaro, .101 RT, 11.155 on 11.04
Mike Ingram, '68 Chevelle, .031 RT, 11.443 on 11.37 def. Sheldon Casavechia, '76 Nova, .061 RT, 11.691 on 11.62
Kelly MacKay, -.008 foul, 23.049 on 11.20 def. Mike Ingram, -.008 foul, 13.688 on 11.36
Top Qualifier- Dani Rippey, Windsor, NS, '02 Solara, 15.790 on 15.79
Jesse Murphy, '01 Jetta, .270 RT, 16.266 on 16.30 def. Henk Nieston, '82 Grenada, -.015 foul, 14.061 on 13.70
Richard Leger, '10 Sebring, .143 RT, 15.771 on 15.18, bye
Richard Leger, .144 RT, 15.298 on 15.18 def. Jesse Murphy, .060 RT, 16.551 on 16.25
Sport Compact:
Top Qualifier- Jenna Rippey, Windsor, NS, '00 Solara, 15.663 on 15.62
Colton Robinson, '99 Metro, .295 RT, 16.579 on 16.65, bye
Jenna Rippey, '00 Solara, .133 RT, 15.762 on 15.68 def. Kyle Anthony, '99 Civic, -.010 foul, 16.395 on 16.60
Colton Robinson, .390 RT, 16.65 on 16.63 def. Jenna Rippey, -.016 foul, 15.739 on 15.76
Top Qualifier- Brian Hedd, Lower Coverdale, NB, '98 Honda, 10.718 on 10.70
Rickey Nauss Jr, '05 Suzuki, .065 RT, 9.691 on 9.72 def. Darren Creamer, -.001 foul, 10.169 on 9.83
Shane Bolger, .139 RT, 9.588 on 9.85, bye
Shane Bolger, .161 RT, 9.672 on 9.65 def. Rickey Nauss Jr, .103 RT, 9.915 on 9.72
Junior Dragster:
Top Qualifier- Cole Crowe, North River, NS, 11.150 on 11.15
Ashley Walker, KCS, .025 RT, 8.042 on 8.00 def. Dawson Toombs, JRD, .083 RT, 9.299 on 9.22
Cole Crowe, JRD, .097 RT, 11.118 on 11.11 def. Dillon Bolger, JRB, -.093 foul, 12.091 on 11.70
Ashley Walker, .038 RT, 8.072 on 8.00 def. Cole Crowe, .047 RT, 11.108 on 11.11
Congratulations to all the winners!
Action picks up again July 8-10 with round three of the Greenfield drag racing series. See you then!
 Race Report- Greenfield Dragway, May 27-29

It was a great season opener at the dragway! A good forecast brought a total of 132 entries out for the first event
of the season. Time trials ran from 6pm to dusk with a couple hundred passes made to blow the dust off.

In Saturday gambler’s race action Tony MacNeil from Scotch Village picked-up the win in the Box category by
defeating Kevin King in the final. No Box saw Vaughn Boone up-end David Joudrey’s Nova for the victory; while
Kale Johnson’s “Temper Tantrum” beat Lacey Weir in Junior Dragster action.

Sunday’s program featured 28 Super Pro, 40 Pro, 15 Sportsman, 6 Sport Compact, 9 Bike /Sled and 4 Junior
Dragster entries. Here are Sunday’s eliminator results:

Super Pro:
Top Qualifier- Glen Walker, Sackville, 7.771 on 7.77 dial.
Doug Decker, ’67 Chevy II, .026 RT, 9.464 on 9.46 def. Blair Walker, ’66 Chevy II, .004 RT, 9.694 on 9.70
John Rankin, ’86 Mustang, .040 RT, 10.915 on 10.85 def. Glen Walker, ’04 Dan Page, .298 RT, 7.785 on 7.75

John Rankin, .026 RT, 10.867 on 10.87 def. Doug Decker, .022 RT, 9.453 on 9.46

Top Qualifier- Vaughn Boone, Windsor, ’69 AMX, 11.102 on 11.10

Bill Sheppard, ’73 Duster, .037 RT, 12.441 on 11.86 def. Joe Christie, Shelburne, .188 RT, 13.561 on 12.50
Jack Kierstead, ’76 Nova, .095 RT, 11.511 on 11.49, Bye

Bill Sheppard, .037 RT, 11.871 on 11.83 def. Jack Kierstead, .162 RT, 11.512 on 11.49

Top Qualifier- Mark Densmore, Brooklyn, ’83 Mustang, 13.977 on 13.95
Ian Longmire, ’74 Comet, .047 RT, 15.524 on 15.60 def. Gus Longaphie, ’95 Tercel, .012 RT, 16.116 on 16.22
Mark Densmore, ’83 Mustang, .112 RT, 14.117 on 13.96 def. Dan Nickerson, ’97 Firehawk, .130 RT, 16.743 on 16.76
Mark Densmore, .052 RT, 14.225 on 13.96 def. Ian Longmire, .190 RT, 15.472 on 15.30

Sport Compact:

Top Qualifier- Jenna Rippey, Windsor, ’00 Solara, 15.732 on 15.70


Gus Longaphie, ’95 Tercel, .185 RT, 16.822 on 16.22 def. Kyle Anthony, ’01 Civic, .152 RT, 17.225 on 16.35

Jenna Rippey, ’00 Solara, .101 RT, 15.782 on 15.83, Bye


Jenna Rippey, .091 RT, 16.177 on 15.80 def. Gus Longaphie, .101 RT, 16.638 on 16.22


Top Qualifier- Rickey Nauss Jr, Brooklyn, ’05 Suzuki, 9.555 on 9.54


Rickey Nauss Jr, ’05 Suzuki, .023 RT, 10.086 on 9.55 def. Scott MacKenzie, Chester Basin, .043 RT, 11.555 on 10.95

Brian Hedd, Honda CBR, .036 RT, 10.558 on 10.52, Bye


Brian Hedd, .020 RT, 10.338 on 10.52 def. Rickey Nauss Jr, -.010 foul, 9.507 on 9.55

Junior Dragster:

Top Qualifier- Lacey Weir, Kentville, JRD, 8.985 on 8.97


Ashley Walker, KCS, .053 RT def. Kale Johnson, JRD, .139 RT, 9.585 on 9.52

Wyatt Rankin, JRD, .074 RT, 10.515 on 10.40 def. Lacey Weir, JRD, .435 RT, 9.045 on 8.97


Wyatt Rankin, .061 RT, 10.449 on 10.40 def. Ashley Walker, -.093 foul, 7.937 on 7.90

Congratulations to all the winners!

Action picks up again June 17-19 with The Atlantic Pro Tree Series and Atlantic Stock-Superstock series on Saturday

and then the Atlantic Drag Racing Series and Greenfield points race on Sunday. See you then!

May Run 2016 Report by Earl Proude

Brett Ramsay wins Super Pro Class
On Saturday and Sunday the drag strip at Raceway Park, Oyster Bed Bridge was the site of the first double points event of the season.
On Sunday afternoon Wellington’s Brett Ramsay made quite a debut in the Super Pro class as he defeated Saint John, New Brunswick’s  Mary Elizabeth Roach in the final round with a fantastic .5009 reaction time. Roach had a .5389 R-T and ran a 5.03 elapsed time on a 4.98 dial-in, a very good run itself, but only good enough for second against the young Mr. Ramsay. Brandon MacNeil from Sackville, Nova Scotia defeated Charlottetown’s Bruce Howatt for third place in the class.
Newcomers also dominated the Pro Bracket Division as Mt. Stewart’s Alex Affleck in his 1980 Monte Carlo defeated the V-8 Chevy powered VW of Summerside’s Troy Howatt in their final pairing. Ernest Newcombe from Tyne Valley finished third in the class.
In the Bike/Sled Class, J.C. Creamer from Mt. Stewart drove his 1984 Suzuki to victory over the 2008 Kawasaki of Charlottetown’s Shane Bolger. Darren Creamer from Mt. Stewart was third in the class when he defeated Ron Savidant from Brackley Beach.
Tony Wakelin from Cavendish edged out the always tough Richard Leger from Shediac, New Brunswick in the Sportsman class. William Newcombe from Tyne Valley was third.
Junior Division honours were captured by Lacey Weir from Kentville, Nova Scotia when she defeated Bri Toombs from Hunter River. Charlottetown’s Dillon Bolger was third.

A Duck Race was run on Sunday for first and second round losers. This class saw Summerside’s Clayton Howatt defeat Kandy Mitton from Sussex in the final, while Wellington’s Chad Ramsay was third.
A Junior Duck race was won by Hunter River’s Dawson Toombs as he defeated Dillon Bolger.
On Saturday points were also awarded for the Electronic and Non-Electronic Gamblers’ Races. Hilden, Nova Scotia’s Peter Rogers in his new ride, a 1978 Nova, defeat Gus Longaphie from New Argyle in the Non-Electronic final.
In the Electronic class, William Newcombe was on fire! He drove his 1973 Plymouth Scamp, a Sportsman car, to victory defeating Oyster Bed Bridge’s John MacKinnon in the final round. Along the way he defeated Ray Smith, Greg Powers, Troy Howatt and Dave MacKinnon.
Saturday’s Duck Race saw Chad Ramsay from Wellington defeat Hunter River’s Glenn MacLean, with his new Undercover Dragster, in the final round.
Saturday’s Junior Division saw Dillon Bolger win over Cory Martin, with Lacey Weir third.
Next action at the local drag strip will be the three day event on Canada Day weekend. Meanwhile Tuesday night street drags will start on June 7th.